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Roamer61 PRO 12:20pm, 18 July 2009
I see photos here that people have posted which are current and yet they post them here. (See step23). I thought that the word vintage means old, 10, 20, 30 years old and beyond. Is there an age limit here? I mean, those photos should not be allowed if there is a set limit.
Qasem-Amin Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Qasem-Amin (member) 9 years ago
There are too photos of many adult people! and if I comment that this photo does not belong to vintage kids, no one pays concern.
I really can not get it,,
Yan Basque 9 years ago
Yes. I've posted about this also recently, but not very many people seem to be paying attention to the discussion page.

There are actually some pretty clear rules posted on the group's profile page. (No photos later than 1989, no digital photos, no recent photos photoshopped to look old, etc.)

The problem seems to be that there are over 2,000 group members who can post anything they want and no group moderators to remove images that break the rules. I tried leaving comments to tell people that their images don't fit, but they just delete my comments and block me.

These people aren't interested in vintage photography. They just want to advertise their own photography.

Thankfully, they're still a minority and there are plenty of genuine and really cool vintage photos posted to the group every day.
opobs 9 years ago
It would appear the problem here is that there is nobody at the helm anymore! 13 months ago the administrator of this group advertised for moderators to assist in the running of the group, a few expressed an interest, but none were promoted. I also note that the administrator hasn't posted any photos to flickr since May; either because some misfortune has befallen him, or other interests have distracted him of late. Either way, we are stuck with the situation, so for the moment will have to patiently tolerate the non-vintage pictures that a minority will insist on posting here.
MyScenes 9 years ago
I wonder if it would help if multiple people left comments on non-vintage photos, politely explaining what this group is... ?
ART NAHPRO PRO 9 years ago
I left this same comment on the similar discussion thread:

You could try sending a message to the Group Administrator explain the predicament and asking to be nominated as a moderator or administrator so you could have the power to delete images that are not relevant to the group. The alternative is to set up a similar group and run it more actively.

Eventually a group will get too corrupted and people will stop posting if no one really cares what is in it anyway.

I am not volunteering-I already administer/moderate several groups hahah
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