msspider66 7:46am, 18 December 2008
I am finishing up work on a dvd of family pics set to music. It covers from the 1940s to just two weeks ago. Five generations are in it from my Great Grandmother who was born in 1898 to my newest cousin who was born just before Thanksgiving.

I put two of the songs on youtube as kind of a teaser. A few days ago I thought I would give a little gift to my mom and put a song together just for her. I use one of her favorite songs as the music. Yes, her name is Eileen.

She said it made her cry.

I am looking forward to showing the family why I needed the old pics on Christmas. I mixed the old pictures with the new. I have about a 50 min dvd with 4 bonus tracks. I used a variety of music from AC/DC to the Ramones to Yo-Yo Ma to Sam Cooke. Hopefully everyone will enjoy it enough to scan more pics for volume two.

If anyone wants to take a look please do.


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