DayDayDad 11:59pm, 15 September 2008
Hello All,
I have Decided that I don't have the time to monitor the group in the way it should be monitored. As much as I wish I could I have just become very busy lately. and our group is growing so well I don't want it to stop. so I wanted to ask if there is anyone that would like to be promoted to a moderator. I could use the help on keeping this a great upward moving, growing and family friendly group. please send me a message if you would be interested.
abundant things [deleted] 10 years ago
I can help david
DayDayDad 10 years ago
that will be great thanks
Lauren Goode 10 years ago
Hi David, I'd love to help out :-)
Hilarywho PRO 10 years ago
Me, too.
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