rhetorical horn [deleted] 9:53am, 9 April 2008
Because of the puritannical backlash which seems to be sweeping across the USA, I am being prevented from posting any of my photographs to Groups such as this one, because my Account's Status is marked "moderate". I do not consider this to be justified - all my "public" photographs are entirely SAFE, in my opinion.

I will still be uploading photographs which may be of interest to other viewers of this Group, and would therefore suggest you check my Stream from time to time . . . I should hate it if you missed any!

My best wishes to you all,

Miss Magnolia
DayDayDad 10 years ago
I beleve you have posted many wonderful pictures to this group. And can still do so.
rhetorical horn [deleted] 10 years ago
Alas, I can not, Mr. DayDayDad, because your Group's safety level is set at "Safe". Because my Account has been marked as "Moderate", for some unknown reason, none of my photographs will be accepted by your Group. You need to make the safety levels "Safe" AND "Moderate" to allow me to do so . . .but that is entirely up to you, of course.
That said, I have uploaded many relevant photographs to my Stream these past few days . . .it is such a shame.

If you need any further information about changing the setting, please send me a Flickrmail.
jbpics PRO 10 years ago
Hi. Try changing your Flickr Name to Miss Magnolia thunderkitty, or Miss Magnolia Thundervagina, maybe that'll get your status changed. jb
Turn of the century Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Turn of the century (member) 10 years ago
They put you on "moderate" cause your name includes the word "pussy"???

Thats UBER ridiculous! :S
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