House Cleaning

DayDayDad 6:02pm, 15 February 2008
Hello all,
Thanks for making this such a great group, I have spent the morning going through so many of the pictures in the group, But i also decided it was time to do some well needed housecleaning. You may notice that i have remove many pictures from the group pool, If any of yours were removed it was nothing personal. i just felt it did not fit in the theme of the group.
Here are the only guidelines that i have set for this group, perhaps i need to expand on them.

Group Guidelines:
- Feel free to post as many photos as you'd like and as often as you like.

- Feel free to begin topics in the forum.

- Any pictures of kids (birth to teen)from the past. From the 80's and back. Or Before the digital camera revolution.

Please do not post any of the following types of pictures.
Pictures from any time after 1989 even if they look old.

New Pictures of vintage styles (Like Vintage Photography looks)

Crafts and colleges of old pictures.

Pictures of dogs, cats, horses, pigs, or anything else unless there is a kid from the past in the picture also.

Pictures of teens from the past belong in our companion group Vintage Teens

Thanks and keep the great pictures coming!!
Groups Beta