geldenkirchen PRO 5:34pm, 7 September 2007
billie baby
early 80's
retrOKC 11 years ago
I Come Down

Mid 1970's
TIMMER!! 11 years ago
i'm 3!

sweet 70's outfit.
doeth Posted 11 years ago. Edited by doeth (member) 11 years ago
About 1960, I'm second from the right, the happy little girl not the whinging little madam at the other end!

tristanludlow8th 11 years ago
hot-pants for boys......

ohh boy....

Coffeelatte PRO 11 years ago
Me and my sister (aka KBlood)

Wha'ppen 11 years ago
Christmas 66
Go Speed Racer... go speed racer... go speed racer go!
petit zozio Posted 11 years ago. Edited by petit zozio (member) 11 years ago
Plage de Normandie

Blonville Normandie France 1957
ART NAHPRO PRO 11 years ago
Kenya 1958
VeronaFinns 11 years ago
late 70s-early 80s
young me
moon angel PRO 11 years ago
me and my gran
ladyinblack1964 11 years ago

I'm the one without the beard. ;) Ca. 1966
DayDayDad 11 years ago
'Playingwithbrushes' PRO 11 years ago
My Sister and I with two friends..I am the one sitting like a Lady!
Carda (Claudia) and Nee
defeated yard [deleted] 11 years ago
1949 - my brother, sister, & me (standing in back of ironing board holding our cat, Spooky)
My Childhood Christmas Past  ~  1949 ~ Toys for Flashback Friday
lady_xoc PRO 11 years ago
vintage kids
GrazerX PRO 10 years ago
1978 Close up!

Photo_History - Here but not Happy PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Photo_History - Here but not Happy (member) 10 years ago
I am about six or seven and my sister five years younger. I am sure we were playing and she had not really knocked me to the ground. I do not remember the taking of this picture but I remember that grim little, shotgun house and the bare dirt yard. Even though he house has a "grapes of wrath" feeling and we are shabbily dressed, we were not living in poverty. My father had a secure job with an oil company but it was war time and housing and good clothing were scarce.

My sister is my very best friend now but I remember her as a force to reckon with at that age.

eviemaedavid PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by eviemaedavid (member) 10 years ago
Me on the left... the seesters.....
Forever Sisters
eviemaedavid PRO 10 years ago
Don't mean to hog the postings, but this one is me on the right..
The olden days
trickyvickylynn Posted 10 years ago. Edited by trickyvickylynn (member) 10 years ago
Tammy and Vicky
My sister and I taken in 1973 ..I am the little one in the pink shirt and rubber pants !
raisonettes 10 years ago
This is a picture of me (I grew up in a Russian household, and bows were practically mandatory ;) ...

Olga - 2 Years Old
imacherryghost 10 years ago
The secretary.
Lala50 PRO 10 years ago
with my little brother.....
sailor suits (by Mary Hockenbery (reddirtrose)tream)
opobs 10 years ago
Me in the 1950s!

teresia PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by teresia (member) 10 years ago
1955 I'm in the leopard coat.

Teresia, Craig and Snowman
With my sister, when I was about 9, 1969:
Carl and Lisa 1969
Manzari PRO 10 years ago
Me hitting the bottle.
Feeding Time, 1958
TravelingMan PRO 10 years ago
Me and my chicken. Huancayo, Peru. Early 1960s.

mi familia
papaô 10 years ago
Me in Paris the 80s

My photostream
Belle Epoque 1900s Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Belle Epoque 1900s (member) 10 years ago
Me- christmas 87

Image Hosted by
blushing achiever [deleted] 10 years ago
My Olan Mills Classic

Several more here at my Vintage Family Photos Set:
ablaze teeth [deleted] 10 years ago
Untitled (by vavz)
julie wilson world 10 years ago
me, fishing in Fire Island, New York 1965
me fire island new york 1965
blushing snails [deleted] 10 years ago
Myself at 14
Chuck Hunts PRO 10 years ago
New Sunday Clothes
bLaCkBeRrY jAm 10 years ago
Brilliant photos! This is my chubby little face.....

70s kid
Raul Antonio 1942 PRO 10 years ago
Summer 1943
Raúl, Hotel Iporá
ablaze teeth [deleted] 10 years ago
Child In Red (by vavz)
Nadar Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Nadar (member) 10 years ago
katrinaelsi 10 years ago
Just in time for the holidays -- me circa 1978:
terrified of santa
msspider66 10 years ago
this is me in 1978.

kelly christmas 78
LR Monkeytoes/ Lisa PRO 10 years ago
Skipping Stones
Betty on the Verge 10 years ago
deej six flags by Betty on the Verge
FlowerXP Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FlowerXP (member) 10 years ago
Girl friend

ca.1962 /Me and my girlfriend Sonia
snap-happy1 PRO 9 years ago
Waiting for my pants to dry

Me in the old house on Maria Street with our cat Snooky waiting in front of the dryer for my pants to dry.
mrsparkr 9 years ago

first grade - and vintage for sure :0)
Man & His World 9 years ago
Me and my Grandfather and my first fish, mid-'70's
My first fish
aladyde PRO 9 years ago
Inge Winter 1954 by aladyde

About 1956
Groups Beta