Riverside Dreamer PRO 7:20pm, 24 April 2006
I was just wondering what some of your favorite toys were when you were growing up!

I was a kid of the 70's. I loved my Barbies, the spirograph, (not sure I spelled that right) the slinky, (before they had the plastic ones), and the Hula Hoop!

I will add more as I think of them!

So what was your favorite toys???

DeborahK PRO 12 years ago
I was a child of the 1950s and I loved Crazy Ikes. And Ginny dolls.
DayDayDad 12 years ago
I was 70's Anything Star wars, Stretch Armstrong, The six million Dollar man doll with the skin you rolled back on his arm and the bionic eye. The Mega superhero dolls (big into comic books) And Of course Light Bright's (got one every Christmas from my grandmother way beyond the age I wanted one. lol
More to come later.....
Natalia F. 12 years ago
I was born in the seventies, and was a kid in the eighties. I loved Playmobils and jigsaw puzzles. But of course, played with Barbies as well, because all my friends did!
Todd Ehlers 12 years ago
Hot Wheels (1st two generations), plastic model kits, Erector Set, chemistry set, Duncan's Butterfly Yo-Yo, Yahtzee, Monopoly . . .
kingdom_seeker 12 years ago
Etch-a-Sketch, lincoln logs, plastic soldiers, cowboys, and Indians, matchbox cars, hot wheeels, and I was about the most competitive marble player at school.
macwagen 12 years ago
I had a Spider-Man doll that was made by Ideal™ that had a flashlight and would "climb" a web that you could hook to a doorknob or whatever. I friggin' LOVED that toy...
rhiannonmars PRO 12 years ago
Barbie, My Little Pony, She-Ra... Those are the ones that stick out in my mind the most.
matuko amini PRO 12 years ago
i was a child of the 60' first doll was a black "chatty kathy", i don't know where my dad found it, but i loved that doll...after that it was all my barbie dolls and my easy bake oven
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