DayDayDad 3:49pm, 2 April 2006
Hello i hope it is ok to post this here, If not please let me know and i will remove it. i just thought yall might want to try out this new game group I have created,
Called The Game Of Photo Association.
My creation

Have you ever seen a photo that reminds you of one of your own?
Like word association but with pictures.Make sure your picture somehow relates to the last !! DOG=CAT=MOUSE=DISNEY=RIDES=FAST CARS= . . . .
Can be as abstract as you like - just explain it if you feel the need. have fun.
Also to make it even better put a Tag on the previous photo to say in one word what caught your eye,or what the connection is .
numerous eye [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by numerous eye (member) 12 years ago
My daughter says the photo of your Mom looks like me when I was young. I think she looks a lot like my late Aunt Aline...
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DayDayDad 12 years ago
Hey Where did the picture go?
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