DayDayDad 3:22am, 23 February 2006
Ok, So we need to get this group moving some. I would love it if we can start some discussion in the group. Please if you can think of any discussions put them out there. I will start out. I am starting a thread on which generation of kids is the best and why. what were the advantages and disadvantages of each generation. I would love to know the different views on this.
Please add to this post and give us your views.
Todd Ehlers 12 years ago
1930's kids. They endured the roughest era, only to grow up as teens in wartime. But their work ethic and the lessons they learned helped forge the advances and the quality of life of the second half of the century (in America).
DayDayDad 12 years ago
Todd I Think I have to agree with you they lived through a lot. The 20s and 30s
I cant imagine the changes they have seen
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