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  • New Film Group: "It's not a Capture!"

    Tired of having your Analog images described as "Captures"? This group is for yo...

    Chris Protopapas5 days ago7 replies

  • E6/C-41 Temp controlled Tank...

    Need a Temp Controlled Tank for C41/E6. Here you go.... NO DIY, it's $200 plus i...

    Gregory Heath7 days ago0 replies

  • camera question

    Just had a quick question

    Hereticstudio2 months ago4 replies

  • 6 x 6 folders/fixed lens with focal lengths greater than 85mm

    Just looking for something with a bit more reach. Things seem to top out at 85mm...

    teepee_uk2 months ago6 replies

  • Where is the Cut Off

    My first camera was a Brownie, even if I still owned it, it's virtually impossib...

    Tomsde2 months ago4 replies

  • Scan

    Hello, I'm new in analog photography. In fact, i just used one roll and i was di...

    dfmdaniel13 months ago4 replies

  • Your Favorite Vintage SLRs

    Pre 1970 In any format. Old SLRs don't seem to get the love old rangefinders ...

    berangberang4 months ago61 replies

  • What is "vintage" exactly?

    I have several polaroid cameras from the 70's (sx-70, 220, 420) and several Pent...

    GateCityRadio5 months ago40 replies

  • Advertising Campaign

    HELLO, I'm working on a new advertising campaign for an alcohol delivery app and...

    breakawayinnovationgroup5 months ago0 replies

  • Can you use 620 film in a 616 camera?

    I have an old 616 camera my Great Grandmother used and that I used for backpacki...

    Auburn20106 months ago11 replies

  • Zenit 35F

    Hi, I'm selling my rare ZENIT 35F, please take a look. Here's the post: ww...

    ucomen11 months ago0 replies

  • Leather cases and bellows

    What do members use for refurbishing leather cases and bellows ? I have been gi...

    pentaxpete14 months ago10 replies

  • Rocket Camera Co.

    Small groups have a right to exist too.. Rocket Camera Co. was a Japanese compa...

    Kaometet15 months ago0 replies

  • roulette lllc seneuse a plat 1A


    jsjavi15 months ago0 replies

  • Anybody know this Pentor camera?

    I got this Pentor camera today at the local secondhandcrapstore. Costed 3 euros...

    fleur_07615 months ago4 replies

  • Question about a Leica IIIF RD ST...from 1953

    I recently bought this (genuine) Leica IIIF red dial from 1953 (the link is at t...

    Charlie Broad16 months ago3 replies

  • Any tips on scanning in your film?

    I recently shot a roll of 35mm film in a 620 Brownie number II and I couldn't ge...

    AintNotChris17 months ago5 replies

  • The app "snapseed"

    I'm sure a lot of you have heard about the app for iPhone called snapseed. It le...

    evabedell18 months ago8 replies

  • hello

    i am hungry

    ptpt1#mmnn20 months ago2 replies

  • Check my account

    Iv just got Flickr and I really want to be noticed for my photography, I have su...

    chloewillettschloewilletts21 months ago9 replies

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