Monster In My Pocket 2:00am, 9 March 2015
This group is a replacement for an abandoned group entitled "Vintage Space Toys". The administrator of that group joined Flickr, uploaded 77 photos, and created that group all on the same day: April 18, 2009. Apparently he hasn't been back since then -- almost six years ago. I've messaged him but have never received a reply. The problem is that only admins can invite pictures to a group, and only existing admins can promote members to replace them as new admins. Therefore nobody can invite any pictures whatsoever to that group. Thus I eventually created this replacement group. Enjoy :)
Johnny Bee Goode 4 months ago
Hope the same thing does not happen with this group.

Mmm, Admin has not posted anything since July 2016!

At least the single Moderator is still active.

So far so good...
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