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A group to document a year in 52 pictures (1 shot per week). This is a rolling group so members can start their V52 project at any point in the year.

All abilities welcome.

If you can, try to take some time to give feedback on the images uploaded. This will let people know what you like/dislike about their pictures and will also help other members with composition and technique. Remember when offering feedback to be constructive but not rude - this is a friendly group....


  • STICKY  The Future of this Group

    Hi All, We are soon coming to an end of 2013 with just a couple more photos t...

    Jamarem82 months ago12 replies

  • Lost my way

    Hi all, I am really sorry that I let the group down this year. I just got to the...

    Photography By Robert Young83 months ago1 replies

  • If you want to do it all again... 2014

    If you want to go through all that pain again in 2014... Join...

    Dave Stocking83 months ago1 replies

  • Albelli.

    The above have 40% discount on photo books until 7 January. They are not the ch...

    Jamarem83 months ago0 replies

  • So...117...116 members.....who's still going?

    Just thought it time for quick review of who is still going strong.... who's st...

    Dave Stocking83 months ago47 replies

  • View 52 and Explore - 2013

    If your View 52 image makes it onto Explore please post it onto this thread in m...

    Jamarem84 months ago37 replies

  • Reporting 'Stolen' Images

    Help please. One of my photos is being used by someone I don't know as their bu...

    Jamarem85 months ago31 replies

  • Sorry Everybody

    I have fallen so far behind on uploading and commenting I have decided its best ...

    southall686 months ago3 replies

  • October 2013 Group

    If anybody feels like stretching from a photo a week to a photo a day, then the ...

    Jamarem86 months ago0 replies

  • OT: Do you block any flickr members?

    Recently I have come across a few members that have favorited some of my picture...

    Helen H86 months ago8 replies

  • I have been away.

    Sorry all, I am way behind. I have been away for a couple of weeks, now i have a...

    Photography By Robert Young87 months ago0 replies

  • Winner from my View 52: A year in Pictures Set

    Just wanted to let folks know that my Week 20 View 52 Photo has just won Cardiff...

    bluedeltic201187 months ago10 replies

  • Sorry for my abscence

    I have been away for a few weeks I hope to catch up on commenting over the next ...

    southall687 months ago0 replies

  • Find me

    Hi all, I have now started a face book page. You can find me here.... ...

    Photography By Robert Young88 months ago0 replies

  • Studio/Portrait

    Hi all, I really could do with some studio and portrait experience/help/tuiti...

    Photography By Robert Young89 months ago2 replies

  • Bristol

    Hi all, I am going to be working in Bristol for a few weeks in August and aga...

    Photography By Robert Young89 months ago0 replies

  • Would any editing make this better?

    I'm thinking of getting this printed to enter into a local art competition. I ca...

    Jamarem89 months ago4 replies

  • Less pictures posted

    I was talking to a member who i work with about members uploading pictures, and ...

    spooky brass89 months ago4 replies

  • Anyone else Re-assessing use of flickr

    I have loved flicrk since I joined but I don't like the new changes and am esp...

    baltibob90 months ago18 replies

  • I have set up a facebook page

    I have just set up a page on facebook for myself if anybody would like to follow...

    southall690 months ago0 replies

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