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My husband's paternal grandparents came from Hungary. His grandmother started this embroidery project, but passed away before she finished. It's the one thing of hers that my husband has. I've tried to find a translation of this on the internet and the closest I came to was "Peace makes the home happy." But I was never sure this was correct. Could someone help me with this? Thank you!

"Can anyone translate this?" by photo67401 [?]
Can anyone translate this?
gergondol37 11 years ago
Your translation is correct I think. :)
oliver62 11 years ago
The translation is perfect! Apart from "the". It should be "your" or "this". It depends, where this cloth would be.
hobbit & gollum 11 years ago
there is a head stone/grave marker in a nearby cemetery. i've been told that the writing may be Hungarian. i live in the United States. the head stone is next to a hospital. all the surrounding head stones are written in English. the head stone is also near the veterans section of the cemetery. i was wondering if maybe you or someone else could translate the writing on the head stone.
i would greatly appreciate you help !!!!
the link to my photo is here :
Aemilius Paullus 11 years ago
The original hungarian text is similar to a poem.
The corrected version:
„Állj meg itt, elmenő, nézz e sírhalomra,
hová egy jó anya tért nyugalomra.
Asztalos Julianna volt a nevem,
Bálint József volt hű férjem.
Sz. 1867, mh 1922.
Béke poraira.”

In english:
"Stop here you trespasser, cast your eyes on this gravestone,
where a good mother took her rest.
I was called by the name Julianna Asztalos,
my loyal husband was József Bálint.
B. 1867, D. 1922.
Peace to his ashes."

I hope it will be helpful.
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