I love Hungary

veneza 2:59am, 3 February 2006
because ...
veneza 12 years ago
Tell us why do you love Hungary?
ectomorfo PRO 12 years ago
Hungarian people tell you exactly what they think... there's no beating about the bush! :-)
Skinnyde 12 years ago
Budapest, the people, Eger (especially the Wine caves), Medina, langos, layered cabbage, cukraszdas (nice mix of Hungarian and English - much like the Chain Bridge), did I mention the people?
carlafida 12 years ago
because they make great poppyseed cake!
_tonidelong PRO 12 years ago
Because of it is lovely place to live good, Budapest is a good place for party, the great landscapes, the nature, the decadent style of some buildings, the danube...
And Of course because the friends I have there
Cut2Cure 12 years ago
Because they are fun! Work hard, play hard - a very practical people. Oh yeah, and the women are gorgeous! :)
dolomite73 PRO 12 years ago
...because my wife is Hungarian!
careful thread [deleted] 11 years ago
The people, the country, and will admit I think Hungarian women are the most beautiful in the world, and I have been all over the world. I will have to say I don't miss the polinka (think that is what it was called) that stuff is dangerous. :)
Skinnyde 11 years ago
pálinka :)

Dangerous indeed
agi_bergman 11 years ago
I am a Hungarian living abroad since more than a decade now. I love going back with my kids and they love it too! We go to Szeged where my parents and all my relatives live.
I love reading all the comments here, they make me chuckle.
I can make poppy seed cake (in fact, several different types), apple tart, fish soup (my personal fave) and of course porkolt and goulash soup. There we go.
Check out few of my pics of my beloved home town, Szeged, although I do not claim to be a good photographer, it gives an idea of the place.
shundi PRO 11 years ago
Turo Rudi, Dunakanyar,Paprikas Kolbasz, Gesztenye pure,Somloi Galuska,Friends, Family,Gulyas leves, Baratfule
careful thread [deleted] 11 years ago
agi, that is another thing I miss from my time there, goulash soup, I used to get it several times a week. Now this will be spelled wrong but was it called gulash levish?

And skinnyde, I still have nightmares about palinka, I never was a big drinker and that stuff was baaaaddd. :)
barbus22 11 years ago
...because that's what I still call "home", despite the fact that I 've been living abroad for almost a decade.

I love the morning light on the streets of Budapest, the smell of the bakeries, the never-stopping noise of the city, the changing color of the Danube, my aunt's chicken soup, sitting in the kitchen with my family, Turo Rudi, the overwhelming feeling of "belonging", and the list could go on...
twain shall meet 11 years ago
...because it's the place I call home now. I love Turo Rudi, visiting with family, walking the cobble-stone streets of Budapest, Gyor, the Duna, the Tisza, the villages, sunflower fields, storks, Borsodi, and hearing children who are just learning to speak Hungarian. I find it a million times more adorable than when I hear children in the's sort of an inexplicable preference.
The Desire 11 years ago
im also hungarian, but all of my life, i move everywhere, traveling, but my heart takes me back all the time
kisvárosban 10 years ago
I don't think that Hungarian women are the most beautiful in the world.

But I do love the country. Spent a year there, it was quite an adventure.
Joe Cashin Photography(Thanks for 10 Million views PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Joe Cashin Photography(Thanks for 10 Million views (member) 10 years ago
I love Hungary, its people, culture and scenery.
Myself and my family have enjoyed 8 days in your wonderful capital and also on Lake Balaton. My friend here at Flickr and her family gave us a great holiday.
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