JLTer 7:45pm, 16 June 2012
I've heard and read many good things about Vanguard Alta tripods. I'm 5'11", will be using nikon D7000 with nikon lenses (17-55mm, 105mm Macro, 70-300mm, etc). Will do macro so will likely choose Alta Pro line. Will the Alta Pro 283CT prove to be too short for me, after factoring the 3-4inches for the ballhead and the height of the camera viewfinder? Thanks! Anyone of similar height out their with some AltaPro tripod experiences?

Also, is there a way to use it with a BlackRapid shoulder strap, in a way that allows you to use a quick release plate for the tripod?
The 283CT is the tallest of the Alta Pro series, and should work fine for you (I'm about your same height, and it's great for me). With the legs extended and the center column not extended, it sits at just under 4.5 feet (minus head) tall. The column can extend about 1 foot, putting you at 5.5 feet without a head.

As for the strap, if I'm reading your question correctly, I think it depends more on what head you are using than the tripod. Most of our ball heads, especially all of the mid-to-higher end models, feature a quick release plate.

I hope this helps!
JLTer 5 years ago
Thanks for your reply!
I'm under the impression that the best tripod head option for a Black Rapid Strap user is one that can accomodate manfrotto RC2 quick release plates, because the Black Rapid company made a quick release plate that works with their strap and only fits onto RC2 compatible tripod heads.

Do you know if the 283CT can accomodate any RC2 compatible heads?
The Alta Pro has a standard 1/4" attachment screw and also comes with a 3/8" adapter, so you should be able to attach any head on the market to it.
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