RichMills2010 12:26pm, 26 March 2010
Dear Homeland Security / Coast Guard,

I have reported N.J. corruption and child abduction. I still fail to be assisted by your offices? This case was to be prosecuted over 1 year ago! My former wife Marni Weiss-Mills and her father inlaw Stacy Weiss still have not been arrested? I had to flee NJ after being unlawfully jailed in Camden and BurlCo counties Sept. 18, 2009 - Oct. 15, 2009 I'm presently staying at the Holiday INN Stadium in Phila, PA.

I think that Government non-actions / corruption are recklessly endangering my 10 Yr. old daughter Allison Mills. I have published many reports / blogs

AG case#200706634 fails to be prosecuted and I am a victim of Police and DOJ intimidation. Please see my Fed corruption reports @ and CNN.

Below is a link to one of my reports sent to Pres. Obama via

CNN I-Report Below
Rep. Sestak Advises FBI Oversight 01/05/10

Richard Mills - Victim
1360 Ridge Ave (Mail only)
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Cell: 267-456-1306
Tel: 856-874-4077
You may alsoleave a message at number above.
This is my mothers Voorhees, N.J. residence.
Alan C of Marion,IN PRO 3 years ago
What does this have to do with photos of the US Coast Guard?
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