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From US Coast Guard Pub 1:

"In 1790, the First Congress of the United States established a small maritime law enforcement agency to assist in collecting the new Nation’s customs duties. For the next eight years, this Revenue Marine (later called the Revenue Cutter Service) was the Nation’s only naval force and thus was soon assigned military duties. Over time, the Revenue Cutter Service either merged with or absorbed other federal agencies. The Service acquired new responsibilities based upon its ability to perform them with existing assets and minimal disruption to its other duties. In some cases, the Service absorbed other agencies because their maritime responsibilities were seen as intersecting with or complementing its own. The result is today’s U.S. Coast Guard—a unique force that carries out an array of civil and military responsibilities touching almost every facet of the maritime environment of the United States.

What makes the Coast Guard unique is that in executing our diverse missions we harmonize seemingly contradictory mandates. We are charged at once to be police officers, sailors, warriors, humanitarians, regulators, stewards of the environment, diplomats, and guardians of the coast. Thus, we are military, multi-mission, and maritime."

We want to see your Coast Guard photos and videos, both of current and past boats, cutters, aircraft, and people.

Need help identifying a USCG cutter, boat or aircraft - post your picture here and we'll see what we can do...

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This group is dedicated to the United States Coast Guard.

Only US Coast Guard photos and videos, both of current and past boats, cutters, aircraft, and people are permitted.

Political messages of any type are prohibited and those posting them will be banned.

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