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Jason Leslie Rogers [deleted] 5:38pm, 8 May 2007
I didn't see a thread like this, so I'll start it...

Where you're from:

How you discovered Urbex:

Type of Urbex you like to do:

One photo (small) from a recent Urban Exploration:

Look forward to reading everyone's replies!
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(1 to 100 of 347 replies)
Jason Leslie Rogers [deleted] 9 years ago
I live in Cleveland, TN. There are a lot of old abandoned factories and storm drains and burnt out houses... This area of East Tennessee is pretty much a UE paradise.

I started doing Urbex before I had heard the words Urban Exploration. There's an Old Woolen Mill down the street from where I live that my photography instructor recommended. I was hooked!

I prefer above ground UE to drains or subway tunnels. I like being able to take advantage of natural light. Though I will be doing some storm drains around town and on my college campus soon.

Dieselgeek PRO 9 years ago
I live in Downtown Dallas. And love getting into any thing I can downtown to take pics.
Matthew Wyatt PRO 9 years ago
He i'm currently living in St, John's, Newfoundland (Canada).

There are some abandoned buildings and war / military sites around the area that are quite intriguing.

I'm into anything eerie and/or makes me nervous to enter, just a cool feeling I guess.
Janus. PRO 9 years ago
Hi There!

New to this group. Check my Urbex in Spain set if you wish.
All comments are welcome.

Thank you!
Jerome Mercier PRO 9 years ago
I live in Lyon, France and i love the city, beauty is everywhere.
Fisticuff PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Fisticuff (member) 9 years ago
hey all...

Wellington, New Zealand.

love the feeling you get in an old abandoned building. I always feel it's a bit of a shame when these old places get knocked down and I want to catch one final moment in time before they're lost forever.

This is a fantastic group, and I'm looking forward to checking out some of your guys' wonderful shots!

neilberrett 9 years ago
I'm from San Francisco, CA. There are lots of abandoned buildings near where I work and I try to take time whenever I can to photograph them. Shooting on a d70s and I would appreciate any criticism/feedback, positive or negative from you fellows.
UncleScar 9 years ago
I'm from Falkirk, Scotland.

Trying to find abandoned structures in Scotland is proving fairly difficult, mainly because most of them are sealed so tight but hey!
There are some shots in my gallery of my first Urbex experience
NoDivision 9 years ago
Hey everyone, I'm from Louisville KY / Indianapolis IN.

Rust and rubble has always caught my eye. I have a long list of locations I'd like to shoot but it's all a matter of time, funding, and having someone to tag along. Always more fun with other people :)

I basically just shoot whatever I can, but I do prefer working with natural light. I also generally prefer working with b&w, film, but since that's time consuming, my shifty little point and shoot digital works for now. Oh, and my Polaroid, of course.

A picture from yesterday
tasha.ferrari 9 years ago
Hello, I'm Tasha from Leicester in the UK.... I love the thrill of trying to get in to the buildings in the first place, which is always more tricky with camera equipment, hee hee! For me though, the buildings themselves tell such stories from the past and there is so much history to be caught in the decaying details and broken doorways.... My best ever trip yet was to Severalls in Essex, UK, last spring... Its an old abandoned asylum, which is set in acres of land and has a high perimeter security fence all the way round. We knew beforehand it was possible to get in, but it took nearly 2 hours circling the perimeter, before we found the ONE gap where a steel bar had been removed, so we could get in!!! Haha! It was worth it though. I have yet to put all the images on Flickr because it is all on film, but there are a few of the broken glass windows..... I shall add some to this pool, along with a few of other places!
rotterdam underground Posted 9 years ago. Edited by rotterdam underground (member) 9 years ago
we are from rotterdam. And all the freaks come out at night.....
krstl_blu PRO 9 years ago
i'm Mary from the Twin Cities area in Minnesota. I have always liked old buildings, derelict areas of towns. The older the city the more good stuff there is. There has been an old abandoned building I have wanted to see the inside of but as of yet have had no luck, too many people, fences...you know the deal. Anyhow, at least I have some pictures of outsides of building. Enjoy my pics feel free to tell me what you think or not. It's all good.
Zak Ezzati PRO 9 years ago
Hi all. I'm Zak from London. I've always been interested in old and abandoned buildings and started to document them about 1.5 years ago I guess. Mostly in and around London. I love asylums and hospitals but have recently gotten into industrial sites having found a Carbonic Acid Gas factory in East London recently.

.:Axle:. PRO 9 years ago
Hi I'm Alex aka Axle I'm from the GTA in Ontario, Canada. I discovered the UrbEx community through the Infiltration website but had been exploring for about a year before that, mostly houses.

RL Hearn, Toronto, ON
designwallah PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by designwallah (member) 9 years ago
Hello, I'm from downtown Toronto and love urban exploration. I don't know how to drive and have always been a city boy. Unfortunately, it's getting a little difficult to find decrepit, crusty subject matter here...

I love the idea of Infiltration, though I *think* I may be a little too old for that, so it's mainly exteriors I explore.

Metal Shop 2

I found Urbex through exploring h-e-d's photographs - he has a fantastic eye for composition and have been enjoying his stitched-together panoramas.
shockedchelle 9 years ago
I'm Michelle from Tampa, FL. I routinely take photos of inner city neighborhoods in Tampa that are in transition- from the ravages of Urban Renewal to 21st century gentrification. Ybor City is one of these areas. I use these photos to make my paintings. Found this group while searching Flickr groups.
Kilted MadMan 9 years ago
Hello from Atlanta, Ga.

My Name is Thomas and have been exploring for quite some time. long before I knew what Urban Exploration was.

Lil' Pete [deleted] 9 years ago
Hey, Lil Pete from Bristol, UK - moved to the city for uni 6 years ago from a tiny little village and ever since have been hooked on the 'big city'. My main love though is heights so most of my stuff of late has been site infiltration and crane climbing; bit immature in that respect!

How high do you reckon I am!
urban.ruins Posted 9 years ago. Edited by urban.ruins (member) 9 years ago
I'm in Richmond, VA - I've been snapping shots of the urban decay happening around the city for a couple years now. Most of the abandoned history is rapidly being reclaimed by development, and many of the sites I've UE'd are gone. Have a look at my galleries and let me know what you think!
Liverpool Suburbia 9 years ago
Where you're from: Liverpool/Wirral in England's North West

How you discovered Urbex: Flickr Search

Type of Urbex you like to do: Generally, jumping on a bus and looking out the window. If I see something; Jump off and get it! I also just walk around the streets snapping the scenes I see. People take their surroundings for granted. Thats not the way to go. Places Change, my city has changed beyond recognition in the last 10 years and its my job to make sure the city of today is recorded so that future generations can look back and think "Wow! was Liverpool really like that?"

One photo (small) from a recent Urban Exploration:

Oinster [deleted] 9 years ago
From East Anglia here!

Been doing "Urbexing" since I was a child, but didn't know what it was then. I always just thought it was my Father taking me on a walk. We used to see a lot of the Pill Boxes, emplacements and ammo storage places around Dover.

My favourite type is hospitals. Although, I did do a foundry recently and found that quite interesting. I spent a lot of time in hospital as a teenager (and still do to an extent), so I'm curious as to what happens to them when they close.

Here's a photo from my last explore of Severalls - probably one of my favourite places on earth. In the next few weeks, it will be pulled down.
A Burst of Sunlight
matthijs rouw PRO 9 years ago
Hi all

I am from Amsterdam, the Netherlands .. I have always loved old buildings with leftovers that get your fantasy going about what went on inside ..

I asked a friend lately, how he found this factory in the Netherlands, since we are a neat country that tears down everything immediately after closing down (squatters problem in larger cities) ..

He told me to look for 'urban exploration' .. so I found this :)

I want to plan a trip in the Netherlands, or somewhere in Germany, not too far away .. If any Dutchies in here are interested, let me know ..

Now I am off to find a Dutch Urbex group :)
wiredance [deleted] 9 years ago
Hey people!

I'm from Hungary, and live 20kms from Budapest. I've also been "exploring" since early childhood, been to most unfinished or abandoned buildings around here when I was 12 or so. I'm 21 now, and I just re-discovered this thing and decided to take it up as a hobby.

So I'm much of a newbie, with no "real" urbexing experience.

As far as I know, there are not many Urban Explorers in Budapest, or at least they're not very organized, or it's just that they don't spread they exist, so I explore with a few friends.

I plan to explore those areas around me that I know of firstly - old soviet airports and army bases, bomb shelters, the Csepel factories... There's quite a lot to see around here.

And to add a picture from my first trip, some dial in some basement under the Csepel Works factories:

Dial oh turn me!
Hal Goodtree PRO 8 years ago
Hi, I'm Hal.
I wander.
I take pictures.
Didn't know it was called Urbex.

LennieZ 8 years ago
Hey all!

I'm LennieZ, 19 years old, from the Netherlands and I read something about Urban Exploring in a magazine. I was impressed and I wanted to try it by myself. So I found an old farm in the middle of nowhere in Belgium and that was very creapy and I really liked it ;)

Will post the photo's very soon.

bfd995 S.W.A.K [deleted] 8 years ago
I'm from Illinois, in an area which has been experiencing a population explosion for years. I began creeping around where I shouldn't really, taking pictures of stuff I never get to see normally. Empty buildings are compelling. Trash and pieces-parts intrigue me. An old car in a thicket, right under everybody's nose - sweet find. A lot of what I've shot is gone and now when I see a bulldozer parked outside an old factory or mall, I try to capture what I can. Then it's mine, long after they've built the new strip plaza or townhouses in it's place.
Bart Claeys PRO 8 years ago
Where you're from: Antwerp, Belgium

How you discovered Urbex: Together with a friend we were looking for a place to organise a photoshoot. The shoot never took place, we kept on shooting the places itself without model :)

Type of Urbex you like to do: Abandoned factories, offices.

One photo (small) from a recent Urban Exploration:

Iskald 8 years ago
Hi, I'm Cristina from Italy, I didn't "discovered" UE, I started doing it when I was 14 years old and my parents bought me my first camera... I guess they thought I was a bit "strange" (in fact I am). I love any kind of abandoned buildings, factories, houses, castles, bunkers, barracks, and so on. I'd like to talk about people with my same interest so feel free to contact me :-)

as red as wrath
Rachel.::.K PRO 8 years ago
Where you're from: Milwaukee, WI USA

How you discovered Urbex: Through a fellow flickr friend

Type of Urbex you like to do: abandoned anything

One photo (small) from a recent Urban Exploration:
Julie & The Shack Take 1 (by Rachel.::.K)
wisemonkeys 8 years ago
Hello all!
New to Flickr, from Manchester, England.
Always really liked the idea of exploring the urban environment with a camera but I didn't realise that there was a name for it, less a group dedicated to it! Some of the pictures on here have inspired me to search deeper within Manchester for unseen places, I'l post the results.
This cool looking spire was found when exploring a multi-story carpark in the lesser visited Northern Quarter of Manchester, discovered on an almost deserted top level of it.
Retro Spire
Zentrum 8 years ago
Hi Flickr...

I'm new here calling in from London, UK.

Travelled through and lived in quite a few urban sprawls and there is a kind of rough beauty in cities. I'd love to explore some of the more derelict of sites but have no idea where to go.

Something from wandering around yesterday.

Hold Me
@nomalie Posted 8 years ago. Edited by @nomalie (member) 8 years ago
Hi guys,
Great group!
I love the Urbex aesthetic.
Beautiful. Haunting.
Nice to find other people who like it too. :)

I can be found mostly in Oxford these days.
But this is a Sheffield find...
ExUrban Gravitas
HighRiseLights Posted 8 years ago. Edited by HighRiseLights (member) 8 years ago
Hi, I'm Becca. I've been into derelict buildings for aslong as I remember! Used to love playing in the old air raid shelter in my Mum's friend's garden when I was a kid!

I love Urbex, it gives me tingles up my spine!

HighRiseLights 8 years ago
I can't work out how to post a pic so I've given you the link instead.
@nomalie 8 years ago
HI Becca,
If you wanna post a picture copy and paste the longer of the two html codes under your message. (Had the same problem myself! :)
oh, low battery 8 years ago
hello everyone!
i'm from poland and i love watching your urbex photos :)
Geoffrey Braaf 8 years ago
Hi all! I'm a Dutch (hobby) photographer with an urge to tresspass whenever i can. :) I like taking pictures in the industrial zones in and around Amsterdam. Have a look at my pics and leave a message if you like ...

Keep up the exploration, it's our playground they say :)
lillergy PRO 8 years ago
Hi! I just joined Urbex, found it while doing a flickr group search. I'm from NYC, and love to take pictures of graffiti and also odd places. I also like to make street photography. This group has lots of inspiration! I'd like to try to visit an abandoned place on Governors Island sometime soon, and here is my last exploration photo:

Rajko.be 8 years ago
Hi everyone !

I'm from Belgium, but I just moved to New York City, which seems to offer quite a lot of oppurtunities of UE.

I always liked the gorgeous colors of rust and bricks, the touch of smashed concrete, the strange atmosphere of empty buildings showing their steel skeleton... I had friends who called some type of Urbex "Mustang" : if you're hanging around with people in the street and you see an open door or an opportunity to get into a building, seize your chance and get into it, without worrying about people who could see you. I like that consept, but I like to plan a bit more and have a more respectful approach of the building. It's like talking with an 80-years-old person : you listen carefully and you do not interrupt his talk nor adopt a respectful attitude.
What I like the most is building sites and destructing sites. I recently crossed the road and got into an old brick factory being renovated :

Stairway to... ?
Skorj [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Skorj (member) 8 years ago
I am Skorj. I live in Japan. I like haikyo.

A lost neko lay down on the tatami to die in the cold alone.
floze PRO 8 years ago
Hi, I'm floze from southern/west Germany, sometimes in Düsseldorf, sometimes near Ulm, and I loved exploring hidden places ever since I can think, occasionally compensated by playing oldschool adventure games.. :)
adumb! ryeon Posted 8 years ago. Edited by adumb! ryeon (member) 8 years ago
i discovered urbex through curiosity... Im from pittsburgh pa. I also was atracted the word spelunking and pretending i am indiana jones.

But mainly just curiousity.
april 79 / 8 years ago
Where you're from: New to Flickr, from Paris

I started doing Urbex in 2001 with the "Petite Ceinture" abandonned railways turning around Paris

Type of Urbex you like to do: all i can find
Coffeh 8 years ago
I'm from the Minneapolis chapter of the urban sprawl known as the "Twin Cities" Minnesota. I've always had a taste for trespassing and have recently broken down a few doors in my quest for Social Documentation Photography.
iNOLOGIST 8 years ago
Hi, From Scotland but not living there anymore.

Found this after doing a search for an Urbex group. Have been a 28dayslater member for a while. Oly done a few sites locally. I guess I got in to this voyeuritic scene years ago when I was a surveyor. Saw lots of buildings that needed love and repair, wish I had a camera back then......
a.rosencrantz 8 years ago
Hi, my name is Annelie I'm from Stockholm, Sweden but has just moved to London. Hope to take some great pictures here.

The MotoLady PRO 8 years ago
Where you're from: Portland, OR

How you discovered Urbex: Thru another friend.

Type of Urbex you like to do: Abandoned mystery spots are my faves.. I like to try to figure out what it was used for.

Urban Explorer
Jimurphy 8 years ago
I'm Jim from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I've done a lot less urbex than I'd like, and I seriously love to just sit down and look through the haunting pictures in this group.

My favorite abandoned places: I love expanses of weathered, decaying concrete. The corroding geometry of such places (be they above-ground or below) present endless photographic opportunities. I hope to visit some and get quality pictures.
DavidHR Posted 8 years ago. Edited by DavidHR (member) 8 years ago
Hello everyone!

Just discovered this group some days ago. I'm new in urban exploration and my favorite abandoned place are castles, church, industrial zones and I would like visit some haunted places as well :)

Here is the first abandoned castle I've visited:

Abandoned Castle

a great place but very dangerous!
Zombola Photography PRO 8 years ago
Hi all,
my name is Pablo, im from leeds, yorkshire. I grew up in an industrial town mainly textile mills which the last of closed during my younger years. So my friends and I would find a new mill to play in on a weekly basis, some had recently closed and were in working order, others were 100s of years old and in a state of desrepair. I love the feeling these places instantly blanket you with and would never stop until every room/floor had been explored. sadly all the ones i knew have all either been demolished for houses or turned into 'luxury flats'. Now I'm old I try to find as many as i can and get photos before they are demolished and it still brings back those same feelings. I love any old building, i like rust, decay, machinery etc. Ive done a couple of shoots with people my favourite mills.

jenniferdk 8 years ago
hello, im jennifer from north carolina and i love taking photos of abandoned places and searched for other people who enjoy the same and thats how i found you. Here is one of my pics of an abandoned farmhouse i took some photogs of, you can see the rest here on flickr :o)

-- Allan -- 8 years ago
Hey there,

Im Al and new to this group.From Melbourne in Australia. Just added a few new photos so take a look

By al_cc at 2007-11-09
Lala Lulu 8 years ago
Lulu here
Also known as Mish.Ramirez
from Amsterdam
check out my Urbex Collection
aveteva1 8 years ago
Hey there
I'm Tony from Poughkeepsie, NY.
If it's falling down, rusting, peeling, or decaying, then i just feel the need to photograph it. Hope you like my pics
proem*end 8 years ago
i live in pittsburgh, pa
i love ruins, decay, things long forgotten and left behind for me to discover. i get kinda high being in a place YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE. the walls talk to me, tell me there story, and guied my way.
drmikeyurbex 8 years ago
Im Dr Mikey from sunny Manchester in England
Ive been into this from my teens onward,but rarely took pics,which is a shame seeing how much has disappeared,been demolished or converted now.
I do quite often remember my camera now!
ClanUrbex PRO 8 years ago
Hi all,

Kylie6470 here nice to met you all, I am from sunny Scotlandshire where we have a lot of abandoned spaces and places and have access pretty much to all areas as we have freedom to roam.......it's scary what you find abandoned out there boys and girls......meet Yorick abandoned in a hospital (be warned I nearly required a change of underwhere when I met him)

rotterdam underground 8 years ago
oeps forgot to introduce ourselves.... check the profile sums it up pretty good ;-)

KevinEdge PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by KevinEdge (member) 8 years ago
Hey everyone,
I'm in Chicago, just joined this group, and wanted to introduce myself!
More recently I've begun to appreciate the beauty of "exquisite decay".
What evolves after humans have left and the environment regains it realm. Cool stuff!
Anyway, there are some very interesting sites in Chicago.
And they don't last very long... we tear things down fast here.
So I hope to document what I can and describe some
unique "exquisite decay".

boulonnais71 8 years ago
hi Im Robbert-Jan from Breda Holland
Im always interested in old and abandoned buildings

eque 8 years ago
yo, I'm eque from California. practicing, and trying to get better at my craft.
andrewsjon 8 years ago
Jon from Portsmouth (England).
Joined the university's film & photographic society last year (I'm now their treasurer!).

Trying to find some places in the south of England to 'commit' some URBEX.
retroteva 8 years ago
Hi, my name is Andy from Poughkeepsie, NY. I started shooting Urbex stuff before I even realized there were so many people into it. Some great stuff in this group.
muuranker PRO 8 years ago

Im from Surrey (UK).

I discovered Urbex (this group) when I saw this wonderful photo by aveteva (www.flickr.com/photos/retro1/2139180578/).

I discovered Urbex (the idea) at Eastercon last year.

Most of what I do is more traditional architectural recording, although it does sometimes involve moving off the street.

One photo (small) from a recent Urban Exploration:

House construction, Nara, Japan

This is Nara, Japan.
Nextel [deleted] 8 years ago
My name is Tom a.ka nextelcupmk or nextel for short
I live in waltham mass 10 minutes from boston
i found UE on the website UER... but got sick of it and got banned... too bad because I had a lot of friends on it... and a lot of great people on it
I like hospitals, schools, drains and industrial/ construction sites.

twotadpoles Posted 8 years ago. Edited by twotadpoles (member) 8 years ago
I'm Lee, From Accrington, England'
I've been into Urbex since I was a kid, without realizing that what I was doing had a name :) As kids we'd always find somewhere to explore, and it was an obvious progression when I "started" photography to explore with my camera...

I enjoy exploring anywhere and everywhere. Probably the best exploration of late was the Old College in Accrington. A huge huge building that was left exactly how it was when it was in use!

stealingheaven 8 years ago
Hey all,
I'm in Birmingham UK and am new to Urbex. As I'm new I haven't many photos as yet but hope to add a lot throughout the year.

I'm really curious about visiting Hospitals, there's the Royal in Wolverhampton and High Royds in Leeds which I'd really love the opportunity to visit but it's a little scary at the thought of urbexing alone!
littleweed1950 PRO 8 years ago
hello to all,
I live in Cornwall UK. I've been photographing in derelict sites,mainly along the south coast of England, for almost 2 years, and have posted on various Flicr groups since December 2007.

My best project to date was the former Warners Woodside Bay Holiday Camp, Isle of Wight.

I always work alone, and always use film (35mm and 120)
Vesa-Valtteri 8 years ago
Hello to everyone. I'm Vesa from Finland, Tampere.

I'm quite new to UE, as i am pretty new to DSLR:s as well. I've done a bit of dwelling in some old factories around where i live, and i just love the feeling of old places, rust and dust everywhere. As a kid we used to do alot of UE not actually calling it that tho...

In fact i just visited an old lemonade factory yesterday, with my camera this time. Here's an example:
decayed wall with appliances

So far not many UE photos in my stream but i'll surely be getting some more from time to time.

ldswill [deleted] 8 years ago

Will from Cornwall.

just got into UE with my indestructible little olympus!

i love car parks. not quite with the 'untouched' theme, but i love just wandering off with my camera for an hour or two.
kapteeni saakeli 8 years ago

I'm from Finland and just getting started with photography.

I found this group through one mansion picture.

One thing I would like to is to visit some ex-soviet naval/military base or airport.
GpPhoto 8 years ago
Hi folks,
I'm form Scotland and stumbled across this group by pure chance. Just wanted to say the concept and the work in here is most excellent.
somnambulistfox 8 years ago

I'm from around the Philadelphia are.

I found UE by searching for information on the net a few years ago.

I do mostly buildings, hospitals, and similar type places.

pggaillard 8 years ago
I'm from Columbia, SC and currently in Eastern Tennessee for college. If you know any good places in these areas for even NC areas please let me know.

I found this group by just searching for Urban Exploration Flickr groups.

I haven't really gotten to do enough types to have a favorite so far.

iRespondeat 8 years ago
Hey everyone. Im from New York. This city has really amizing places to do Urban Exploration. Check my pics and let me know what you think.
Robert Church 8 years ago
Hey folks! I'm new to the group, thought I would check in. I'm currently in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I found Urbex searching for black and white urban photography. Love it! There are some really talented artists in this group. I hope I can come close to measuring up to some of the shots in here. I'm also new to flickr, not sure how to post images in this entry, you can view my stuff in my profile if your interested. I just posted some shots to the list.
n-d-d 8 years ago
Hello everyone!

I am new...

I am Julien, 17 years from Charleroi to Belgium.

I have a Fuji s5000.

And below is the last place that I visited abandon ...


Sorry for my english, It just Google translation.

freakingpolle PRO 8 years ago
Hi there

My name is Paul aka Freakingpolle, I am from Antwerp (Belguim). Just joined the group, but I am exploring almost 2 years now.
My website www.freakingpollesurbex.be.

billyvoo PRO 8 years ago
Im billyvoo and Im from Detroit. Ive been exploring abandoned places for years actually but only recently with a camera. I found the group from another group members group list and since were all into the same stuff, I thought this would be a good home for some stories and photos.


Alexander Di Stefano 8 years ago
my name is zander I live in melbourne Australia.
I enjoy urbad x because it is very exciting and it make you fell as if you're discovering something unknown.
msgsudz Posted 8 years ago. Edited by msgsudz (member) 8 years ago
Hello everyone...I'm from a suburb of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

I discovered Urbex as a hobby less than a year ago...didn't realize that it was such a popular thing to do, as I've been interested in exploring abandonments for a while now, but became part of the online Urbex world just last August.

So far the only locations I've had the chance to explore are abandoned houses and rural buildings, but if I can find any urbexers in my geographic area I would like to branch out into other locations.

This is one pic of inside an apartment building that I've visited a couple of times now:

freetoodesign 8 years ago
Hi Everyone Im James from Montreal Canada, I have been exploring for a few months now Since I have lived in a newly converted factory to lofts I have been interested in Urban Exploration, and how quickly buildings decay when people are not around...

Great site!! and Great work!!

Come see my pics anytime, they always update ;-)

~EvidencE~ PRO 8 years ago
hi everyone

EvidencE from toronto
awesome group
jksimpson 8 years ago
Hannover, Germany
some great old industrial sites around here, always fascinating
nobody calls it UrbEx around here though
Nutrius 8 years ago
Hey everyone! Urban Exploration is just a fascinating thing. My favorite spots are hospitals and schools. Id love to share some pictures with you!

Heres just one shot

Martino Zegwaard ~ NL Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Martino Zegwaard ~ NL (member) 8 years ago

martino from Almere - netherlands. i am....blablabla......just check the photos if you're interested. :D

Here you find images of the urban paranoia ...aka the metropolis of Sheffield, that are of nature based in inner-city landscapes with the out of the place bucolic landscapes along with empty abandoned buildings. most people ignore them as they are not something that bothers them. however some people don't ignore them and they are called urban explorers. i have been exploring the urban metropolis of Sheffield most of my life but have only recently (from 2000) started to take a camera with me, also sometimes you will find images of people and gigs urbanparanoia.co.uk/0.html
Just Add Light 8 years ago
I love these places, however they give me the creeps at the same time. As a child we used to travel through miles of sewers with the echoing sounds of water, and cars over sewer caps, it was eerie!

I recently stumbled upon an excellent place, however, I am not too keen on adventuring alone, so only got a few pictures.

Once productive
John Rav 8 years ago
Hello, John Here. (duh) I have joined in a few outings along with the "Chicago in Decay" group and saw this group in Pebbles recent shot.

Really I am just enjoy having such a wide open material, as seen when wandering through a busted down building or location.

Pillar Pilfered
Sparrman 8 years ago
I live in the suburbs, so most of my exploring is confined to narrow storm drains and the occasional abandon house.
-Dza- 8 years ago
I'm reppin' the city of Brisbane in Australia, NDC for those who keep it real and a big FUCK THE CAVE CLAN!

X-it 8 years ago
Hi, I'm from Belgium. There is a lot - and I mean a LOT - to urbex here!
I discovered urbex almost a year ago, thanx to some people I met on Flickr - one of them is my boyfriend now! - they took me on a session in an abandoned factory and since then I'm really fascinated by urbex!
I like to explore all kinds of abandoned buildings.
One of my favorite photos:
ebiddotnet [deleted] 8 years ago
I am new to the topic having been inspired by the writer Ian Sinclair.

well, hello
digitalundernet 8 years ago
Hello my name is Digitalundernet. I am from Oklahoma and there's more to see than I thought here. latest explores for me Mental Asylum (too close to a jail for my comfort), and an abandoned factory.

I didnt take any pictures when I first started. A shame too, i saw some neat stuff. But here's my collection www.flickr.com/photos/digitalundernet/collections/7215760...
JasonNJ Posted 8 years ago. Edited by JasonNJ (member) 8 years ago
Where you're from: Hey, I'm Jason, Explorer from NJ, I've been exploring for a bout a year now and have gone through some pretty fun places around Jersey and am starting to tap into NY a little bit. I got into exploring while hanging out with one of my friends looking for something interesting to do, i got into exploring about the same time i got into photography so i just started documenting the places I've been. I mostly like to do buildings, Hospitals are a favorite, but also power plants, warehouses, any building that looks interesting really. Feel free to stop by my page and say hey.

hi, im mike, i live in rhode island, and i have been exploring for as long as i can remember. only to make it a hobby in recent years. im up for almost any exploration, but my favorites are abandoned asylums, sanitariums, and state hospitals.

LS DSC_4063
gnarlynoir 8 years ago
Me and my boyfriend are from Detroit City

We just made a flickr to broadcast our photos of Detroit ruins and find other urban explorers

holo-tech 8 years ago
I'm from Salem, MI, but spend most of my time in Ypsilanti. I've been interested in Urbex for a while; I just never knew what it was called and have been trying to convince my friends it would be fun to explore some ruins. Usually this meets with 100% rate of failure, I guess the people I know are too comfortable/safe/abso-frukin'-leatley no fun. Anyway, long and short of it is I don't have that many pictures. Here's from my first, and so far only, solo mission.
subaccountone [deleted] 8 years ago
I am a photo student and I was introduced to urban exploration by a friend no more than four weeks ago. We went to Gary IN, and I was instantly hooked. Currently we shoot in the Chicago area.
jo.stoop 8 years ago
Hi from Belgium.
I'm exploring places from since I was a kid (without even knowing it).
Lots of the places I ever visited are completely gone and all I have is memories.
That's why I decided to start taking pictures. In the first place my pics are a catalogue of the places I ever visited (in case they get demolished) but I also hope that I can grow in the art of taking good pictures.
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