betty1819n 9:54pm, 23 March 2019
This week, we will search firehydrants. It might be the big red firehydrant or something more discrete ...

Ideas for future themes are always welcome here (what do you want to sketch next?)

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cvskribiloj Posted 1 month ago. Edited by betty1819n (moderator) 1 month ago
I thought that in Brussels all the hydrants were under the sidewalk, but to participate at the weekly theme, I was more attentive and have discovered some very visibles... just in front of my office!
firehydrants 001 by cvskribiloj
betty1819n 1 month ago

I have the same problem in Paris : they are mostly hidden in the sidewalk or in the walls.. however some "red firehydrants" exist...... I am still searching.
katiesmith52 1 month ago
The hydrant across from my house is a favorite gathering place for morning walkers and their dogs. Guess why.

Fire Hydrant by katiesmith52
cvskribiloj 1 month ago

good luck ! ;-)
CatherineHale Posted 1 month ago. Edited by CatherineHale (member) 1 month ago
I tried to find above-ground fire hydrants here in Brussels but was unsuccessful. I've noticed there are sometimes red hoses attached to the wall of big stores or malls but I thought I'd look suspicious sketching those. Finally, here's a plaque on the sidewalk from the water company so maybe they keep a valve under that:
Compagne Intercommunale (Belge) des Eaux by CatherineHale
RedHarp 1 month ago
Found on our sketch outing today. We were on the campus of the University of Washington to sketch the cherry trees in bloom. This beauty is painted in the colors of UW: purple and gold!

2019 0329 UW fire hydrant by RedHarp
norasomer45 25 days ago
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, is getting a new airport. It's being built right next to the current one, and this was the view out a window of the current airport. by norasomer45
A view out a window of the old (current) airport to the construction zone of the new airport. Salt Lake City International Airport, Utah, USA.
RedHarp 24 days ago
I captured another one! This is in my town. They've just started a project having artist paint the hydrants. This first one was installed yesterday.

2019 0321 Renton fire hydrant by RedHarp
cvskribiloj 24 days ago

What a nice idea !
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