debora000 3:13pm, 28 January 2013
Many months ago Madame Ink suggested the theme "Where do you get your doughnuts? Doughnut shop, bakery, grocery?" I'm generalizing it to get two weeks' worth of themes out of it. This week the theme is Bakeries. (Any kind of bakeries, including doughnut shops and grocery store bakery counters.) Next week the theme will be anything more-or-less doughnut-shaped - for example, getting new tires for your car..

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I'll repost these two links every few weeks.
RedHarp PRO 5 years ago
Local good doughnut shop: Top Pot

2012 0529 Top Pot Doughnuts by RedHarp
Miatagrrl 5 years ago
Ah, bakeries -- a tasty theme! This is the Honey Bear Bakery in Lake Forest Park's Third Place Commons. I stopped eating my cinnamon roll just long enough to sketch it. My blog has the full story:

1-29-13 Honey Bear Bakery by Miatagrrl

1-29-13 cinnamon roll at Honey Bear Bakery by Miatagrrl
crclapiz Posted 5 years ago. Edited by crclapiz (member) 5 years ago
Lechuza-cake, San Jose, Costa Rica by crclapiz

A graduated owl sitting on her books -
seen today in Chocolarte (Avenida 4, San Jose) shop window.

Perhaps not my best drawing but it earned me a chocolate brownie from the sales woman. Yummy!
Madame Ink PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Madame Ink (member) 5 years ago
DUNKIN' DONUTS.... by Madame Ink

Went to D and D today and stared through the glass...getting a kind of weird surreal effect from the window decals!
Kasalta by Linnea Pergola - URBAN SKETCHER

Famous Kasalta Bakery in San Juan, Puerto Rico...
Obama went there and they have a huge poster about the event.
Strangely random items...ham, handyman ad and champagne next to each other but the sweets are amazing.
suhita1 5 years ago
Bakery in Mexico City
Cake Museum, Mexico City by suhita1
suhita1 5 years ago
Closer to home, where I go to get macarons for my husband
Cocola Bakery, Santana Row, San Jose by suhita1
Teri DC PRO 5 years ago
Almost didn't make it this week but I went looking for the bakery and found this one.

Weekly Theme-Bakery--Urban Sketchers
johanesj 5 years ago
when I was young (er), after some hours drinking and listening rock and punk music we tried to get some bread at this old bakery at the Barrio of Malasaña, Madrid.

tahona malasaña; Madrid; Spain

4h o 5 h am, some years ago
debora000 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by debora000 (moderator) 5 years ago
Here's a group of Georgia Tech students engaged in a doughnut-fueled conference at Sublime Doughnuts on Tenth Street in Atlanta:
Sublime Doughnuts #1 by debora000

Since my sketch today doesn't actually show their doughnuts, here's an old one I did (at home) of a S'More and a Banana Fritter:

Sublime Doughnuts #2 by debora000

These doughnuts are very, very good. Along with Red Harp's Top Pot, Sublime Doughnuts is on a Food & Wine list of America's Best Doughnuts. Anyone interested in a sketching field trip to check out the other bakeries on the list?
craigs4 5 years ago
Bakery Peekskill, NY by craigs4

A bakery in Peekskill, NY
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