sketchySteven PRO 2:07am, 20 February 2012
Weekly Theme number #117 was suggested by omGun. Some of you may be land-locked and need a way to sketch water vessels, but usually there's a nearby lake, river or reservoir to suffice. If not, feel free to sit this one out. No biggie.

So, put on your deck shoes, find a sailing cap, sunglasses and let's set sail for a great sketch. Anchors away! ARrrrrrrrrrrgh! (That's my pirate voice.) /

We're looking for all flavor of ships and boats.... cruise liner, schooner, yacht, junk, subs, bass boats, and more.... :)

Thanks to omGun for the topic.


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Adolfo Arranz 4 years ago
Done this week:

Bounty by Adolfo Arranz

Shark fin by Adolfo Arranz
tiastudio PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by tiastudio (member) 4 years ago
Done at Vivo City, Singapore. This piece was given to another fellow sketcher as a sketch exchange game during the last Christmas Eve sketchwalk.

Ira P. PRO 4 years ago
Done in September 2011:

Luis_Ruiz PRO 4 years ago
Oh, this is my favourite subject!

Málaga, rusty fishing vessel by Luis_Ruiz

A rusty russian trawler

A111 Alerta by Luis_Ruiz

A strange warship

The Arctic moored at Málaga by Luis_Ruiz

An ex-icebreaker converted into a luxury yacht!
miriamben 4 years ago
A fluctuating bar in the Atlantic Ocean, near Morro de Sao Paulo in Bahia, Brazil, done in July 2011:
072011 bar flutuante by miriamben

The Marina of Lindau, Germany:
Lindau by miriamben

and sailing boats in Zurich, Switzerland, done in August 2011:
Zürisee 2 by miriamben
omGun Posted 4 years ago. Edited by omGun (member) 4 years ago
A Pinisi, wooden vessel, at Port of Tanjung Mas Semarang, Java Island.

In the background is a lighthouse erected in 1884 in the reign of Willem III, King of the Netherlands.

Pinisi and Lighthouse
Dalton de Luca 4 years ago
iPortinho by Dalton de Luca
inmaserranito 4 years ago
in Venecia, Italy
Venecia by inmaserranito
grams40 4 years ago
GrRivDay32008005 by grams40

Boats are implied behind the stove.
Marcia Milner-Brage PRO 4 years ago
A boat ready to be launched into a now frozen backwater of the Cedar River, Cedar Falls, Iowa. When the river floods, which is regularly, the only way out from this neighborhood that borders the north bank is by boat.

Boat Ready to Launch
monique J, mojilion Posted 4 years ago. Edited by monique J, mojilion (member) 4 years ago
Un cimetière de bateaux en Bretagne.
A boat cemetery in Brittany.

cimetière de bateaux à Port Rhu

Un autre vieux cimetière de bateaux, en Bretagne.
An old boat cemetery, Brittany, low tide.
Lechiagat, cimetière de bateaux
heliodor Posted 4 years ago. Edited by heliodor (member) 4 years ago
This one I did this past September at the marina in Thunder Bay, Ontario:

marina, thunder bay ontario
sahrchitect 4 years ago
Done while in Binnalong Bay (eastern coast of Tasmania) over the weekend.

Otama (@Binnalong Bay, TAS) by sahrchitect
Crokenflo 4 years ago
Done in Vaesrade (NL). The guy has built himself a boat in his backyard.
the boat in the garden by Crokenflo
Cyrille B 4 years ago

here is my boat for my first post. This is a dredge on the Loire river.

semaine 37 by Cyrille B
MissMaka 4 years ago
Hi guys!

I am lucky to live by the sea so this time was easy for me to give this challenge a try and I sketched this two boats! One is the dry dock at Sotogrande Port and the other one is a boat lying in the beach on a sunny winter day.

Dry Dock by MissMaka

Los Pescadores by MissMaka
senojmada 4 years ago
Children's crew lessons on the Arno in Florence, from the platform behind the Uffizi

Crew Lessons on the Arno by senojmada
RedHarp PRO 4 years ago
I went out this afternoon to the closest place I could think of where there are boats. Sketched from inside my car as it was pouring rain!

2012 0224 Boats Coulon Park - web by RedHarp
perryChow 4 years ago
Northern Spirit 1 @ Queen's Quay
sketchySteven PRO 4 years ago
Thanks everyone! Great week!
julietteplisson 4 years ago
sorry I'm late...
Bateau en réparation
a fishing boat being repared before going to the sea, L'Herbaudière, Vendée France.
ShivvyLou 4 years ago
I previously posted this on the wall, as I didn´t know how to post it into the debate.
boats by ShivvyLou

now I do! lol :)
Kristine Henshaw Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Kristine Henshaw (member) 4 years ago
The Helmsman by Kristine Henshaw

Late on this one...It's a sculpture at Burton W Chase park overlooking Marina del Rey
Kristine Henshaw Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Kristine Henshaw (member) 4 years ago
Dreamboat by Kristine Henshaw

A dreamboat on display at a Yacht sales yard at Marina del Rey
San Loffreda 4 years ago
barcos - Itanhaem by San Loffreda
Peter Rush - drawings 4 years ago
Berlin 60 by Peter Rush - drawings
PeggyJG PRO 4 years ago
Still Waters by PeggyJG

Ooh, boats we have, in Seattle!
Hans***M 4 years ago
Oberbaum Brücke Berlin by Hans***M
Hans***M Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Hans***M (member) 4 years ago
ship was not called theo by Hans***M
Hans***M 4 years ago
kiel signalturm 1960 by Hans***M
Peter Rush - drawings 4 years ago
Berlin 40 by Peter Rush - drawings
shiembcn PRO 4 years ago
The Port of Barcelona

World Trade Center Barcelona by shiembcn



abunster 4 years ago
Hadn't visited the page in some weeks... did it this summer (January for us in Chile)

Ilihue, Lago Ranco, Región de los Ríos, Chile by abunster
Matthew-1 PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Matthew-1 (member) 4 years ago
I like all these boats here!
One question: Does a barge work for this theme? If so, here is a barge from that week (it's holding the tall crane):
Matthew-1 PRO 3 years ago
Another couple of ships...
Victoria - Point Hope Shipyard by Matthew-1

Victoria - "Pacific Grace" at Point Hope Shipyard by Matthew-1
Fernando Benito 3 years ago
In Guardamar del Segura, Spain

guarda01 by Fernando Benito

puente de mayo01 by Fernando Benito
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