sketchySteven PRO 7:47pm, 27 March 2012
Thanks to Kim Marohn for this week's Theme. We're taking a look at bicycles, bikes, motorcycles, mopeds, etc... Anything that has two wheels and can get you from one place to another.

There's lots of great bike inspiration in the Pool:

And here's some inspiration I found there....
West Van street scene by Don McNulty

Lattes and adrenalin, Whakarewarewa, Rotorua by Mr Dewhurst

Bikes at Leland High School, San Jose by suhita1

red bell by jerry waese ★

Bikes in a Train by sirwencita

bike in alberta street by hampton rodriguez

my bike nº18100 by lapin barcelona


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Junkfoodveggie 4 years ago
notarianni ice cream parlour, blackpool
wanstrow PRO 4 years ago
Park Street, Bristol
inmaserranito 4 years ago
MI brother´s one
La bici de mi hermano by inmaserranito
inmaserranito 4 years ago
An this is mine!
Parque Amate, Sevilla by inmaserranito
shiembcn PRO 4 years ago
My kids bikes

Stories of the bicycle by shiembcn

Stories of the bicycle by shiembcn
shiembcn PRO 4 years ago
Some that I like my

Motor Harley by shiembcn

Royal Enfield by shiembcn
omGun 4 years ago
lonely bike at the city garden

bike in the garden
Marcia Milner-Brage PRO 4 years ago
Used bikes for sale.

Bikes outside 18th Street Vintage
Thankfully, my garage doesn't look like this any more!
The Bicycle in the Garage by The Artist on the Road
VHein PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by VHein (moderator) 4 years ago
I liked the contrast of the rushing traffic with the quiet composure of the waiting bike...
The Impression of Speed
Ira P. PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Ira P. (member) 4 years ago
saw and draw this some days before:


... and this is from last year:

Marisa Ortún PRO 4 years ago
In the street, last autum.
Tema de la semana - USK Spain Flickr weekly theme by Marisa Ortún
johanesj 4 years ago
every day I see this girl with her bike

De vuelta al día a día. Madrid
Alexander Lermen 4 years ago
two of my toys...
Peugeot PY10 by Alexander Lermen

Caloi Aspen Pro by Alexander Lermen
hew&saturation 4 years ago
Bicycle parking at Kyoto University, Japan. Sketched about two weeks ago. Right now the bare trees in the background are blooming with cherry blossoms, it's even more beautiful.

Bicycle parking at Kyoto University by hew&saturation
tiastudio PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by tiastudio (member) 4 years ago
Done at different day in the studio with students.


Berta Páramo 4 years ago
Malaga last year

alrededores de la UNIA by Berta Páramo
Kristine Henshaw 4 years ago
Bianchi and Map  by Kristine Henshaw
Dalton de Luca 4 years ago
NYC last year
Sullivan street-Trip to NYC last year. by Dalton de Luca
Vanadisa PRO 4 years ago
A couple of bike sketches:

bicycles by Vanadisa

Fixing the bike by Vanadisa

waiting for the bus by Vanadisa

Considering how bikes are everywhere in Aarhus, I'm surprised they don't feature more prominently in my sketches. And I even enjoy drawings them! So, something I should do differently in the future, I think.
Jutta Richter 4 years ago
IF wheel by Jutta Richter

my bicycle by Jutta Richter

today, outside, at home
RedHarp PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by RedHarp (moderator) 4 years ago
2012 0413 Bike So Good by RedHarp

Bicycle shop in the Georgetown neighborhood in Seattle, WA.
Peter Rush - drawings 4 years ago
Berlin 196 by Peter Rush - drawings
I love bikes but this is my only drawing of one. I ride on one most days and enjoy their mechanical details. That aside, I tend to avoid sketching cars, trucks, trains, planes, bikes etc. For me they never seem to be part of any narrative, composition, observation of space, light, shadows, texture that interests me, just objects that get in the way. An ugly jumble of bikes though always looks great.
Patrizia Torres 4 years ago
Mi bici by Patrizia Torres

Bici callejera by Patrizia Torres
tulipe75 4 years ago
apellanizi 4 years ago
bicycles by apellanizi
Jacek Krenz Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Jacek Krenz (member) 4 years ago
forgive my late entry :) but I would like to add some history.
In large Automobile Collection of Caramulo Museum in Portugal, we could admire lots of exquisite old vehicles. It starts with old bikes. Automobiles include Abadal, Bugatti, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, Rolls-Royce and Ferrari.

JK_Museu do Caramulo_bikes by Jacek Krenz
Diane Olivier 4 years ago
Ohh!! fun with bikes!!!
San Francisco Girl with bike:
StandingBike by Diane Olivier

SF girl on bike:
RainCoat by Diane Olivier

Moroccan men with bike:
Two men and a bike by Diane Olivier

Moroccan bread delivery bike:
Bread delivery bike by Diane Olivier

NYC Burger Heaven delivery bike:
deliverybikeNYC by Diane Olivier
Kim Marohn PRO 4 years ago
Here's one from the symposium at Lisbon!

Rua da Bica de Duarte Belo, Lisbon, Portugal
nicosolemio 4 years ago
Reflections of the sky and trees in the mirrors of scooters in Paris :
Reflets dans le rétroviseur by nicosolemio
CatherineHale Posted 4 years ago. Edited by CatherineHale (member) 4 years ago
When a bike passed as I was sketching in Princeton, I remembered the weekly theme and quickly tried to capture it!
Princeton by CatherineHale
dyah sihanani 4 years ago
I hope we can still post on this topic.

bike parking by dyah sihanani
Nuria R. Artuñedo 4 years ago
Amsterdam by Nuria R. Artuñedo
Amsterdam and Bikes
miriamben 4 years ago
Here is my bike - sketched in Holland this 1st of May!
1st of May in THorn, NL by miriamben
iwolossi 4 years ago
Alles Abfall by iwolossi

Bikes, luggage and wastebasket in Lucerne, Switzerland
Rahman Ketenciler 4 years ago
sketchs from turkey
Hero Cycles
Jawa Motorcycle
Rahman Ketenciler 4 years ago
My bicycle Giant Anthem X3 and our dogMy father's mopedhomemade balance bikemy daughter's bicycleDorothee FleckWycher van VlietMy son's toy bicycle
3eCheval PRO Posted 3 years ago. Edited by 3eCheval (member) 3 years ago
Lunch at Toula's Trailside Café by 3eCheval
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