sketchySteven PRO 11:01pm, 29 January 2012
This week, we're sketching places of worship (church, synagogue, mosque, temples, etc.).

Thanks to for the topic.


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suhita1 5 years ago
Church on Stanford Campus
Memorial Church, Stanford, Palo Alto, California by suhita1
dyah sihanani 5 years ago
The Great Mosque of Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia

the great mosque by dyah sihanani

Hok An Kiong Temple, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Hok An Kiong Temple by dyah sihanani

Mother Mary's Cave at Sendang Sono, Yogyakarta, Indoneisa

Sendang Sono by dyah sihanani

Istiqlal Mosque (left) and Cathedral (center) of Jakarta, Indonesia

Masjid Istiqlal, Gereja Katedral, Monumen Pembebasan Irian Barat by dyah sihanani
Ira P. PRO 5 years ago
Lutherkirche in Hannover-Nordstadt, Lower Saxony, Germany.

omGun Posted 5 years ago. Edited by omGun (member) 5 years ago
Pure, a Balinese temple.
Pure Girinata Semarang - Java. One of Balinese temples out side Bali island.


Pappelik at Girinata
johanesj 5 years ago
The other mosque of Cordoba, not the touristique place, it is placed at a quiet court,

La otra mezquita de Cordoba
Marisa Ortún PRO 5 years ago
Well, this one is the most known, big, beautiful and touristic mosque of Cordoba (Spain)
Córdoba. La Mezquita de noche by Marisa Ortún
Marcia Milner-Brage PRO 5 years ago
Two church steeples in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I've drawn these before in the summer and fall from closer up. I took the opportunity of this weekly theme to draw them again from my house.

2 Steeples in Winter
suhita1 5 years ago
A few oldies. From a trip to India a year ago...
Varanasi probably has more temples per square kilometer than any other place in the world
On the Ghats, Benaras, India by suhita1

Temples everywhere,Benaras, India by suhita1

Tirunelvelli in South India, where my husband is from is probably a close second
Little temple,Tirunelvelli, India.  by suhita1

Inside the temple, Tirunelvelli, India by suhita1
inmaserranito 5 years ago
On the roof of this church in southern Spain are livings two storks
Cigüeña by inmaserranito

And this is the Giralda in Seville, a tower of the old Moorish mosque, later converted to a Christianity tower.
La Giralda de  Sevilla by inmaserranito
Rahman Ketenciler 5 years ago
Alaca Mustafa Pasha Mosque İpsala/TURKEY İpsala Independence Square
monique J, mojilion 5 years ago
place of worship : St Séverin, Paris
Saint Severin Paris, dans le choeur, colonne torsadée (gothique flamboyant, 15e siècle) et vitrail de Jean Bazaine (20e siècle).
In the gothic church of Paris, Saint Severin.
julietteplisson 5 years ago
Eglise de l'Herbaudière 2
Noirmoutier en l'ile, France.
this church and cemetary are facing the Atlantic Ocean, very symbolic on this island.
Sketchy-G PRO 5 years ago
First United Methodist Church, Edmond, OK by Sketchy-G

First United Methodist Church, Edmond, Oklahoma

First Christian Church - Oklahoma City, OK by Sketchy-G

First Christian Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Bishop John Carroll - Oklahoma City by Sketchy-G

Bishop John Carrol, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
André Brunharo 5 years ago
Igreja Nossa Senhora do Carmo da Aclimação - São Paulo

Igreja Nossa Senhora do Carmo da Aclimação - São Paulo - Brazil

Pirapora do Bom Jesus - São Paulo

Pirapora do Bom Jesus - São Paulo - Brazil

Catedral da Sé - Olinda / PE

Catedral da Sé - Olinda / Pernambuco - Brazil

Praça da Sé - São Paulo

Praça da Sé - Cateral da Sé - São Paulo - Brazil
Alexander Lermen 5 years ago
Anglican Church in Londrina, Brazil.
A beautiful building that I see almost every day on my lunch break.
It's hard to draw it in full because it has many trees, fences and walls in front.
Igreja Anglicana 1/3, Londrina - Brasil by Alexander Lermen

The walls are light gray, almost white and the sky was kind of gray as well.
Then I decided to put a little color ... and I think my mood was not good.
Igreja Anglicana 3/3, Londrina - Brasil by Alexander Lermen
Kristine Henshaw Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Kristine Henshaw (member) 5 years ago
Fahid Mosque  by Kristine Henshaw

Fahid Mosque

This lovely mosque is located at Culver City, CA. on Washington Blvd. After taking an interest in the drawing I was making from across the street a friendly gentleman invited my husband and me inside for a tour. Make art not war...
PaulArtSG PRO 5 years ago
Catheral Of The Good Shepherd
Stained glass windows found at the Catheral of Good Shepherd in Singapore.
Marcia Milner-Brage PRO 5 years ago
Trinity Lutheran Church is next to the Firestone Tire Store in Waterloo, Iowa.


The historic Old North Church in Boston, Massachusetts played a prominent role in the Revolutionary War between the British and the Colonists:

Old North Church from Copps Hill Burial Ground
monique J, mojilion 5 years ago
Cambodge, near Kompongchnang
Cambodge, near Kompongchnang
The backyard of a pagoda. A young monk was happy to write on my book.
Luis_Ruiz 5 years ago
A couple of drawings of the cathedral of Málaga:

Málaga, cathedral from fortress by Luis_Ruiz

Málaga, cathedral, south facade by Luis_Ruiz
Luis_Ruiz 5 years ago
The shores of the Mediterranean are full of old churches transformed into mosques and old mosques converted into churches, as a testimony of our dense history. In the spanish city of Toledo you can find this beautiful building that was built as a mosque, later it used to be a catholic chapel. Nowadays it is a museum:

Toledo, Bab Mardum mosque by Luis_Ruiz
martinesan 5 years ago
église antoiniste Paris 13ème

Au bout de ma rue, l'église Antoiniste
MissMaka 5 years ago
Catedral de Tarazona (Zaragoza, Spain)

Catedral Tarazona by MissMaka
txsketcher 5 years ago
Mission trip church in La Ceiba, Honduras
JustPlainSketchy 5 years ago
PresbChurch_Feb2011_100dpi by JustPlainSketchy

First Presbyterian Church in Raleigh, NC
miriamben 5 years ago
Theatiner Kirche in Munich, Bavaria,
odeonsplatz by miriamben

a church in Dannenberg, Lower Saxony, Germany:
dannenberg by miriamben

the Koutoubiya mosque in Marrakech, Morocco:
koutoubiya by miriamben
blinovskate 5 years ago
Lviv, Ukraine. St. George's Cathedral
Lviv. St. George's Cathedral by blinovskate

Lviv, Ukraine. The Latin Cathedral
Lviv. The Latin Cathedral by blinovskate

The Saint Vladimir Cathedral in Chersonese, Ukraine
The Saint Vladimir Cathedral in Chersonese. by blinovskate

Chersonese, Ukraine. The Saint Vladimir Cathedral and ancient ruins
Chersonese. The Saint Vladimir Cathedral and ancient ruins by blinovskate

Sitges, Spain
Sitges by blinovskate
Debo Boddiford PRO 5 years ago
First United Methodist Church by Debo Boddiford

First United Methodist Church - Sylvania Georgia

Mickve Israel Synagogue - Savannah, Georgia by Debo Boddiford

Mickve Israel Synagogue - Savannah, Georgia
VHein PRO 5 years ago
What a wonderful collection of drawings this theme has produced!
Study of the window of the old church in Heritage Square, Los Angeles...
Heritage Square Church Window

View of the roof of the Holy Transfiguration Russian Orthodox Church, Los Angeles...
Sunset and St. Andrews Place

...and the entrance to Self-Realization Fellowship, Los Angeles...
Self-Realization Fellowship
quirkyartist 5 years ago
St Stephens Church, Newtown, Sydney, Australia.
This historic church is just across the park from where I live.
St Stephen's churchyard
tiastudio PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by tiastudio (member) 5 years ago
I see churches and mosques here, this is a very small but charming temple in Singapore.

macha93 5 years ago
dans St pierre de montmartre petite église catholique sur la butte Montmartre
julietteplisson 5 years ago
l'eglise de Noirmoutier
Another church, Noirmoutier en l'le...
Carnets de BRU 5 years ago
Chapelle de Daurelle by Carnets de BRU

Little church near the Rhone river (South of France)
sketchySteven PRO 5 years ago
I've extended this one since, well, I missed posting the new one. :)
apellanizi 5 years ago
The wonderfull 1000 years old church is San Salvador, located in a litle village called Oña, in Burgos;

martinesan 5 years ago
Eglise orthodoxe à Cluj_ Napoca ( Roumanie)

Cluj Napoca (Transylvanie)
martinesan 5 years ago
Namo Buddha au Népal

Namo Buddha (Népal)
kalpana balaji 5 years ago
A sacred tree inside an old temple complex in Madras

sacred temple tree

and the main gate to the big Mosque at Fateh-pur Sikri

buland darwaza - Sikri
macha93 5 years ago
Notre-Dameaquarelle de Notre-Dame à PARIS
PeggyJG PRO 5 years ago
Agios Nikolas by PeggyJG

I love this church of Agios Nikolas in Chania, Crete. The dual steeples reflect history and a sense of hopeful ecumenism.
chirocalvinist 5 years ago
I made this sketch looking out from our hotel room overlooking the beautiful old city of Savannah, GA.
View of Savanah small by chirocalvinist
cam2 by agnestekent / Agnes den Hartogh
heytheredian 5 years ago
A few collections that I have for places of worship ^^

Stained Glass at a Catholic church in Palembang, Indonesia
Stained Glass at Hati Kudus Church by heytheredian

Hindu Temple, Singapore
Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar Temple at Kreta Ayer by heytheredian

Buddhist Temple, Singapore
Temple Gate at Balestier Road by heytheredian

The Altar at my grandparents' attic in Palembang, Indonesia
The Altar by heytheredian

heliodor 5 years ago
Both sketched in Calgary, Alberta:

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church

St. Mary's Cathedral
Asuka * 5 years ago
Right: Albert St Uniting Church in Brisbane, Australia

page 12
Patsy Petroni Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Patsy Petroni (member) 5 years ago
Sagrada Família, SCS by Patsy Petroni
The Holy Family Church, downtown São Caetano do Sul, Brazil, on a sunny day, on location.
Peter Rush - drawings 5 years ago
Notre-Dame Paris by Peter Rush - drawings

Notre-Dame Paris
senojmada 4 years ago
Santa Spirito, Florence

San Lorenzo, Florence

Pisa Duomo, Pisa
HeatherButler62 4 years ago
Romsey Abbey
Romsey Abbey

Sketch done in the grounds of Romsey Abbey on a lovely Spring day in March 2012. The tree is torn painted wallpaper and was added later.
michael.1153 4 years ago
I'm sorry I missed this theme. I've sketched lots of churches - they're everywhere! I've been away for awhile. Are "Weekly Themes" a thing of the past?
a angel a 4 years ago
Pórtico de la Iglesia de Villanueva de la Torre. by a angel a

Iglesia de / Church of Villanueva de la Torre, Guadalajara, España.
sstamaria 4 years ago
[Vienna, Austria_12][Budapest  2012_5]
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