sketchySteven PRO 4:04am, 16 January 2012
Topic number 113 is a bit late..... sorry for that. The week of January 15 - 21 we'll be looking for and sketching fancy outdoor lamps and light posts. If you know of some fancy light fixtures, sketch those, too. To broaden the topic a bit, you can also look at light poles, phone poles and transmission lines, etc..

Thanks to busbiker/Rodrick for the topic!

Here's some inspiration:

Apt Building, Iowa City, Iowa by Julie Johnson Art


karystos easterlight by uebero


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Marcia Milner-Brage PRO 4 years ago
Summer view: Utility poles, with a light on one, at the edge of town, Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Old Home Bakery Outlet & Cornfield, Cedar Falls, Iowa
suhita1 4 years ago
A oldie, from a trip to India:
Overhead Wires by suhita1
VHein PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by VHein (moderator) 4 years ago
Until I began urban sketching in Los Angeles, I never noticed that many of our light fixtures have what looks like Aladdin's lamp at the top...I wonder if other cities have that? And ubiquitous telephone poles...
Foothills on a Hot Afternoon

Foothills Above Pasadena

Mystery Door
softfurn Susan 4 years ago
Bayard Cutting Arboretum Cafe by softfurn Susan
vanessawos 4 years ago
Place de la concorde by vanessawos

Place de la Concorde à Paris
inmaserranito 4 years ago
somewhere in the south of Spain
Postes de la luz by inmaserranito

and this was in Tetuan
Tetuan farola by inmaserranito
shari blaukopf 4 years ago
Sketched in Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Quebec on a cold, bright day.
Looking up by shari blaukopf
sketchySteven PRO 4 years ago
01172012 Weekly Theme by sketchySteven
busbiker/Rodrick 4 years ago
lamp glass nyc by busbiker/Rodrick
lamp 001 nyc by busbiker/Rodrick
park ave ramp lamp NYC by busbiker/Rodrick
lamp in baby moleskine by busbiker/Rodrick
Marcia Milner-Brage PRO 4 years ago
Cedar Falls, Iowa, Main Street lampposts at dusk. Done for this weeks theme:

Lamposts on Main Street Winter Dusk
johanesj 4 years ago
some lamp posts at Madrid, is the only thing I can sketch when Ii go back home at wintertime

y de noche, ya es de noche, Madrid
busbiker/Rodrick 4 years ago
pier lamps by busbiker/Rodrick

one more.
yesterday jan 19
32 degrees
alissa duke PRO 4 years ago
lamp posts and light poles of Sydney. ONce I started ... I couldn;t stop !
20Jan12 Lightpoles theme for Urban Sketchers 1 of 3  by alissa duke

20Jan12 Lightpoles theme for Urban Sketchers 2 of 3 by alissa duke

20Jan12 Lightpoles theme for Urban Sketchers 3 of 3 by alissa duke
fionamill Posted 4 years ago. Edited by fionamill (member) 4 years ago
streetlamp in Via del Cuore, Pisa

streetlamp, Pisa by fionamill
André Brunharo 4 years ago
From São Paulo, Brazil.


Poste Natal

Embu 1

Poste - São Paulo

Poste - Vila Mariana - São Paulo

Igreja Nossa Senhora do Carmo da Aclimação - São Paulo

Poste da Praça do Por do Sol - Alto de Pinheiros - São Paulo

O Casarão - Embu das Artes - São Paulo

Vista do Atelie - Vila Anglo - São Paulo

Praça João Mendes - São Paulo

Arvore e postes

Pça Vila Boin

Pça BuenosAires 2
Jacquie1995 4 years ago
Here is a lamppost which is one in a line of them outside the Puke Ariki Library in New Plymouth, New Zealand.
Lamppost Outside Puke Ariki Library. by Jacquie1995
ellisillus 4 years ago
utility pole in rural andalucia by ellisillus

utility pole somewhere near cómpeta [andalucia/spain]
omGun 4 years ago
lampu taman polder tawang

Lamp pole at Semarang, near the main Train Station.
TS Pinang 4 years ago
Retro Lamp Post by TS Pinang

Retro Lamp Post
Location: Jalan Malioboro (Malioboro Street), Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Sketched Friday, 20 January 2012, ballpoint pen on A5 HVS paper.
ellisillus Posted 4 years ago. Edited by ellisillus (member) 4 years ago
lamp post in front of st. trinitatis by ellisillus

old-fashioned street lamp in dresden [germany]
CatherineHale 4 years ago
A bit late but I've got one from this fall:
"Hof van Brussels" in Woluwe Saint Lambert, 22 October 2011 by CatherineHale
sketchySteven PRO 4 years ago
Thanks everyone! Great week! Lots of fantastic stuff here!
Lisbeth C PRO 4 years ago
Main Street lamp post by Lisbeth C
akennyd 4 years ago

Sorry this is late and sorry if I didn't post, upload, size or do some other thing properly (this is my first post).

Stedman Baptist Church (backside of church) in Stedman, North Carolina, USA.
blinovskate 4 years ago
Moscow, Russia. Tsvetnoy Boulevard
("Tsvetnoy" means "colourful" in russian).
I'm a new member, so I don't understood can I post in past themes?
Moscow. Tsvetnoy Boulevard  by blinovskate
Debo Boddiford PRO 4 years ago
The Morris Museum of Art in Augusta, Georgia - USA
Morris Museum of Art, Augusta Georgia - 30th Sketchcrawl               by Debo Boddiford
Ira P. PRO 4 years ago
Iron lamps in front of the Wilhelm-Busch-Museum, Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany.

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