sketchySteven PRO 1:55am, 8 January 2012
Week #112 is probably the opposite of those oft-forgotten New Year's resolutions to diet and eat healthy.... but maybe you'll want to sketch the stuff you're craving while you try to improve your eating habits. Or maybe you'll want to show alternatives to eating chips, drinking soda, and sneaking those late-day candy bars. :) Better yet, sketch other snacking or the places folks go to snack. And have fun!

Thanks to Dian.lestari for the topic.

Keep it sketchy!

Here's some inspiration:

4 o'clock by Vanadisa

Snacking during the game by meh2008


Airplane sketch, off to Mexico City, urban sketch by suhita1

olives in Lanterna cafe, Novi Sad, Serbia by masha kirikova

4ta Cofradía Musical en Santo Domingo by Orling "Arty" Dominguez

Shopping Leblon, 04:00PM by Angelo Rodrígues

Tinto Coffee 2 by Issy London

Disa's Cookies by Marcia Milner-Brage


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PeggyJG PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by PeggyJG (member) 4 years ago
Figs from Friends by PeggyJG

Fresh figs. Admittedly, this is a healthier than average snack!
Marcia Milner-Brage PRO 4 years ago
Que Pasa tortilla chips are my favorite crunchy munchy. Here, in a partially used bag on my kitchen counter, with some squashes.

Squash on the Kitchen Counter
PaulArtSG PRO 4 years ago
Sesame dumplings @ Chinatown
Snacks from Singapore!
julietteplisson 4 years ago
l'heure du thé!
l'heure du thé!

the problem with "drawing a snack" is that I want to eat eat!
monique J, mojilion 4 years ago
De retour du marché... a sunday luxury snack
AnneLMR 4 years ago
Snack with Doris / Goûter chez Doris by AnneLMR

Yummy snack time at my friend's in Germany
sketchySteven PRO 4 years ago
Thanks everyone! Great week!
Debo Boddiford PRO 4 years ago
Snacking and sketching at the Books-A-Million Cafe in Statesboro, Georgia - USA
Cheesecake and Green Tea by Debo Boddiford
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