sketchySteven PRO 9:31pm, 18 November 2011
Everything old is new again.... throwback is the new future... so find something old that's been re-purposed as something new and sketch it.

Know of an industrial space that's been converted to lofts? Old mercantile that's now retail space or a restaurant? Old depot, warehouse or firehouse that has been converted to a hipster gallery? Then get busy sketching!

Thanks to HeatherButler62 for the topic.

Speicherstadt  by alina_tolkacheva

Train Depot - Iowa by Julie Johnson Art

OceanShorescaboose by Steven B. Reddy

Portland, Oregon - SketchCrawl at the Kennedy School (NaNoDrawMo #38) by geminica

Marathon Motor Works _ Nashville by Drew Bryant

Haverhill 1 by Town & Building Design

Have a great week, everyone!

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Marcia Milner-Brage PRO 7 years ago
The Rock Island Train Depot in Cedar Falls, Iowa is now a bank.

The Old Train Depot, Cedar Falls, Iowa
timillustrator 7 years ago
A couple of ones I did years ago:

Old Prison, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham by timillustrator
Old prison, now offices.

Furniture Shop, Bognor Regis by timillustrator
Some kind of bonded warehouse now a furniture shop
drawusnow Posted 7 years ago. Edited by drawusnow (member) 7 years ago
Design West Sioux City IA 2009
Iowa State University repurposed the building with the tall brick stack, for their Sioux City Design West Program, for architecture and design students.
martinesan 7 years ago
Le viaduc des arts (Paris 12ème) auparavant construit pour soutenir une voie de chemins de fer est aujourdhui un ensemble d'ateliers des métiers d'arts.
Le viaduc des arts (Paris 12ème)
dyah sihanani 7 years ago
old: governor's office, new: museum
fatahillah by dyah sihanani

old: idk, probably a house? new: restaurant/bar/cafe
cafe batavia 1 by dyah sihanani

cafe batavia 2 by dyah sihanani

old: some rich guy's mansion. new: hospital
Cikini Hospital by dyah sihanani

old: probably an office. new: bank
Bank Indonesia Surakarta by dyah sihanani
iwert 7 years ago
Not really Old versus new use, but Antwerp central station was "undertunneled" for the high speed line, two extra levels under the existing structure. This is a fast sketch I made last week:
Antwerp Central Station by iwert
heliodor 7 years ago
This was a Canadian Northern Railway (CNoR) station which now houses the Alberta Ballet.

old CNoR building inked
Kim Marohn Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Kim Marohn (member) 7 years ago
"Le 104" in Paris - "funeral central" for the city of Paris, now an arts and community center

Old buildings, new uses: Le 104, Paris by Kim Marohn
Rosemary Bradshaw. (drawingaline) PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Rosemary Bradshaw. (drawingaline) (member) 7 years ago
Gable House, St Albans, Hertfordshire, uk.
An old photo shows this to have been a 'Mantle and Millinary Showroom'. It was vacated by the business in 1890's, nearly demolished but continued as a Chemist's, womens' dress shop and now sells mens' clothes.

I drew this yesterday for the theme, only to discover that, far from choosing a building that has changed its use, this has had a steady history of retailing since the 1800's!!!
St Albans Old Town Hall, Hertfordshire uk by Rosemary Bradshaw. (drawingaline)

Old Town Hall, St Albans, Hertfordshire uk.

Once the Town Hall, this is now a cafe downstairs and upstairs rooms are used for exhibitions etc.
Lisbeth C PRO 7 years ago
I know it doesn't look like a barn, but it was. The barn at Villa Lucia has now been made into a guest house. My husband and I were lucky enough to spend 5 nights there in beautiful Tuscany in the middle of olive groves. Montevettolini, Italy

The Barn at the Villa by Lisbeth C
noel_naert PRO 7 years ago
Along the canal Leuven-Mechelen.
The black and blue freighter is a meeting/partying place for a youth club ('Den Tube'). The temporarily braced facade of the former Vander Elst cigar factory will be preserved and integrated in a new retail and office block.
Leuven 2011 1016 by noel_naert
tiastudio PRO 7 years ago
Two old buildings side by side, the left one is now the Peranakan Museum and the right one was an old substation, now still call Substation but it is an art centre.
joseluisgildela PRO 7 years ago
Sana (Yemen). The Old City.
Fernanda Lamelas 7 years ago
I'm working on a Interior architecture project for the ground floor of this building of 1926, in Oporto, Portugal
My next project, Marcolino in Oporto by Fernanda Lamelas
HeatherButler62 7 years ago
Hi Steven, Thankyou fro choosing my theme, this is my contribution drawn a few days ago for a change of address card it is my new house. It is not really very "new" though as it is 200 years old 300 in parts and had a previous life as part of a brewery ! Romsey UK
Wisteria House
Mr Dewhurst 7 years ago
The Corner Store, Auckland
Nice theme idea! I looked around and found lots of repurposed buildings, mostly converted to pubs or restaurants like this old corner store with it's original Sunlight Soap sign painted on the side. Directly across the road is a pub in an old library building so I might have a go at that one next. It's ironic that these buildings have been converted as Auckland was full of classic old corner pubs but most were pulled down in the 80's to make way for glass boxes.

The Corner Store by Mr Dewhurst
shiembcn 7 years ago
Gateway to the Parc de la Ciutadella, in 1714 was built a fortress, the largest in Europe to defend the city of Barcelona, ​​in 1988 to accommodate urbanization World Expo in Barcelona, today is one of the largest urban parks in Barcelona and gateway to the Zoo.

Access to the Park de la Ciutadella - Barcelona by shiembcn
Sketching Chris 7 years ago
This used to be a townhall (built in 1903), but is now a regional museum in Baden, Austria.

Rollettmuseum, Baden, Austria by Sketching Chris
monique J, mojilion Posted 7 years ago. Edited by monique J, mojilion (member) 7 years ago
l'ancienne miroiterie passage Lhomme

The old mirror factory is now a drawing and painting workshop.
Paris, passage Lhomme
VHein PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by VHein (moderator) 7 years ago
A great subject!
A pub/restaurant in Burbank, with the remains of "Firestone Tires" painted on the brick building that encloses the patio...
Friday Lunch
inmaserranito 7 years ago
In Seville, Spain. Plaza de Armas: An old railway station, now is a commercial center
Sevilla, estación Plaza de Armas by inmaserranito
MuSaLuNeRa 7 years ago
Sorry for the collage!

Collage Julio by MuSaLuNeRa
sketchySteven PRO 7 years ago
Thanks everyone! What a great week!
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