sketchySteven PRO 2:51am, 23 October 2011
Just as we turned our pencils and pens to feet and walking last week, this week, we'll look at steps and stairs. So skip the elevator this week and sketch those stairs. Offices, museums, libraries.... stadiums, coliseums, just any kind of steps or stairs.

Thanks to Vandisa and Matthew-1 who simultaneously asked for this topic! Great minds, huh? :)

Some great examples out there. Here are several you can use as inspiration:

Stair and Shadow by ShutterJH

Stairs at Fort Scratchley, Newcastle NSW by Trevor Dickinson

21th SketchCrawl (Bologna) 07.02.2009 / 16:30 by Er tío'e la cafetera

Goethe-Haus by Flaf

Chaotic powerlines by ShutterJH

Music Box Steps by VHein

steps in the woods by Sketchy-G

Harbor Steps by steelforest

garden-sketch15801 by woodcut55

Steps 1997 by harrybell


Keep it sketchy!

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Danielle Sucher PRO 7 years ago
TWA Flight Center (JFK Terminal 5) (1 of 3) by Danielle Sucher
inmaserranito Posted 7 years ago. Edited by inmaserranito (member) 7 years ago
Thousand of people in a protest in Sevilla "Occupy the Square": Here are the stairs to go up to the square. They were really full of people:
TOMA LA CALLE: Sevilla, Plaza de la Encarnación by inmaserranito
Jacek Krenz 7 years ago
15 October prolonged Portuguese summer makes it perfect day for SketchCrawl on the narrow streets of Covilha with a lot of stairs.

Covilha, Rua do Rajmundo
StephanieLowe 7 years ago
Hiked at Will Rogers State Park to sketch the LA Skyline and the fog rolled in so I sketched this weeks theme instead.

WillRogersStair2 by StephanieLowe

WillRogersstair by StephanieLowe
dyah sihanani 7 years ago
outdoor stairs:
assorted by dyah sihanani

guest house by dyah sihanani

to 2nd floor:
cafe batavia 1 by dyah sihanani

to the gallery:
windows and balcony by dyah sihanani

old trees by dyah sihanani

the university's new library is now open | view 1 by dyah sihanani
Sketching Chris 7 years ago
I always struggle a lot when trying to sketch stairs. I did this one in summer, but I have to admit I had to sketch it afterwards inspired by a picture. Not only would it have been too cold in the ice cave, but you also are not to supposed to stop and slow the group down! Not even photos are allowed.
Eisriesenwelt, Austria by Sketching Chris
ChiscoValencia 7 years ago
This summer, on holidays. Almuñecar - Granada (Spain)
Jardines Albaizyn del Mar (Almuñecar - Granada) by ChiscoValencia
quick bike [deleted] 7 years ago
stairs from far away:
alissa duke PRO 7 years ago
Sydney : steps at the ferry terminal, going nowhere until a ferry arrives

25Oct11 Steps theme for Urban Sketchers by alissa duke
Dalton de Luca 7 years ago
Models posing on the stairs outside of the Centro Cultural São Paulo
CCSPescada by Dalton de Luca
André Brunharo 7 years ago
People in front of the Sé Cathedral in the downtown of São Paulo / Brazil.
Praça da Sé - São Paulo by André Brunharo
Liz Steel Art 7 years ago
great topic... I want to sketch some more ..but here is my quick effort today
111026 Important Stairs
shiembcn 7 years ago
Two places where I usually make trips throughout the year. One in the mountains of the Pyrenees and the other in summer on the Costa Brava.


nicosolemio 7 years ago
That's the "Centre Pompidou" in Paris, where I live. Lots of stairs : emergency stairs on the right, electric stairs in the middle, and little ones on the left which lead to the Rambuteau street.

Paris, Centre Pompidou le soir by nicosolemio
Marcia Milner-Brage PRO 7 years ago
One more done special for theme of the week: limestone steps leading to my backyard garden, Cedar Falls, Iowa:

Steps to the Garden, Autumn
Kim Marohn 7 years ago
Glad we had this theme, I've been meaning to draw my appartment stairs forever. The things you see/use every day, always for "later". So I decided to finally get to it. Not easy though... here's one attempt

More apartment stairs, Paris, France by Kim Marohn
joseluisgildela PRO 7 years ago
julietteplisson 7 years ago
just on time to show you a "remplacement stairs" to give access to the beach in Noirmoutier, france
L'escalier de la Claire
sketchySteven PRO 7 years ago
Thanks everyone! Fantastic participation! Yay!
julietteplisson 7 years ago
Too late, but if you don't mind I add my doughter's participation...
L'escalier de la Claire
jcrowtherart 7 years ago
The Stairs by jcrowtherart

The infamous Santa Monica stairs, mecca to fitness buffs who literally arrive from around the world to "do the steps." There are two sets forming a kind of loop actually, these concrete ones and wooden ones a couple of hundred yards to the east. From Adelaide St. they drop around 300 steps down to Entrada at the bottom of Santa Monica Canyon, a series of long dizzying flights, landings, and right angle turns. The workout freaks can be an aggressively arrogant bunch. While I was sketching one brushed past me and muttered, "That oughta be illegal."
martinesan Posted 7 years ago. Edited by martinesan (member) 7 years ago
Bord de Seine by martinesan
too late ;)!
vanessawos 7 years ago
Too late also, Sorry
Passage piéton2 by vanessawos
johanesj 7 years ago
a litle bite late, but the stairs of the caixaforum; Madrid... are so terrific.

Caixaforum, Madrid, escalera
Steps Castiglione del Lago Umbria
monotype in impression (10) by agnestekent / Agnes den Hartogh
and the other steps in Castiglione del Lago Umbria
steps - Castiglione del Lago by agnestekent / Agnes den Hartogh
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