sketchySteven PRO 11:34am, 5 November 2011
Just think, without topic #105 -- PCs, laptops and computers -- we wouldn't really have this great global thing called Urban Sketchers. Wow!
Let that settle in for a bit..... yeh, pretty heavy, huh?

Anyway, grab a sketch of anything that's screams laptops, PCs, etc.. people carrying them, using them, giant servers, mass transit commuters still working, coffee shops, students, etc.

Thanks to musalunera for the Theme suggestion.

Some inspiration:

Commuters by Florian Bayer

Reims, living-room, Manu et sa compta by croquisdenico

interfaces by lenasuksi

Thursday evening, detail by Froydir

Paul on the laptop, Marrakech by Julie Johnson Art

10.0814 Will, Drawing from Laptop by Timothy Schorre

Reading by VHein

05.09.2011 rentrée des classes by dayisaday

Work Day by apple-pine

My Dad Blogging on his Computer, Athens by The Artist on the Road

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dyah sihanani 7 years ago
my little brother and his computer(s)
computer corner by dyah sihanani
inmaserranito 7 years ago
A rainy day at home
En casa by inmaserranito

Marina working
Marina by inmaserranito
Lisbeth C PRO 7 years ago
Computer Guy by Lisbeth C
Jacquie1995 7 years ago
Here's one I did earlier this year of my daughter on Facebook.

Facebooking. 1st July 2011. by Jacquie1995

And here's one of one of our receptionist at work.

Our Receptionist at work. 18th December 2010. by Jacquie1995
Marcia Milner-Brage PRO 7 years ago
All of these were from 2010.

My friend Marie relaxing with her Mac laptop:

Marie & Her Laptop

My daughter-in-law at work in front of her 27" screen:

K @ office computer

My husband, taking a break from cooking:

John on Laptop
omGun Posted 7 years ago. Edited by omGun (member) 7 years ago
CAD Drafter at my office
Office scene

2 workstations at home
Mac Book and Mini
jcrowtherart 7 years ago
Computer Guy by jcrowtherart

Factor's Deli, Los Angeles. 8 AM. He never noticed I was drawing him.
kalpana balaji 7 years ago
My husband at his laptop - we have a window between our living room and study

john thru the window
johanesj 7 years ago
my daughter and my cats on the messenger

Lucía,Mencía y Max

My son using the computer

Pablo using the computer
Patrizia Torres 7 years ago
That was my face when it happened last October :

Flickr Massage Oct11 by Patrizia Torres

And this is my father, always in troubles in front of his laptop :

Papá ordenando by Patrizia Torres
Rosemary Bradshaw. (drawingaline) PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Rosemary Bradshaw. (drawingaline) (member) 7 years ago
Friend and supper, Hertfordshire, uk by Rosemary Bradshaw. (drawingaline)

Mending a friend's computor before, during and after supper!

These are two old drawings, apologies!
View through window, London. by Rosemary Bradshaw. (drawingaline)

Receptionist with computor at Somerset House; a very fine building.
Junkfoodveggie 7 years ago
Just as it says...

DSCF4717_1332 by Junkfoodveggie
Junkfoodveggie 7 years ago
My girlfriend with her Mac.

DSCF4720_1335 by Junkfoodveggie
Marcia Milner-Brage PRO 7 years ago
I couldn’t resist posting another one after seeing ’s above. It’s like a sub-theme: Computer + Food:

My friend with her son making sushi with a Mac laptop at the ready.

Making Nori Rolls
lostinwonderart 7 years ago
What's on my coffee table by lostinwonderart

This is from a while back. It was what was on my coffee table at the moment. My laptop, current book, and a bag of Martin's chips. No one sells those near me, so I always bring some home when I go to visit my parents.
sketchySteven PRO 7 years ago
Thanks everyone! Great week!
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