sketchySteven PRO 12:44am, 8 October 2011
Week 101 takes us on a maritime sketch theme.... sailor sketchers! Yeh!

So, make your way to the closest marina, port or harbor. Landlocked, like me, then just sit back, relax and enjoy the posts from our fellow sketchers.

For inspiration:

Marina del Rey, LA by jcrowtherart

Kuttawa Marina Seaplane Base by Drew Bryant

Lowes Highport Marina - Lake Texoma - Texas by Sketchy-G

Fish Term 2-4-10 by polusladkaia

hayama marina by kumi matsukawa

Trabocchi sul molo di San Vito Marina by Marco Pallini

110317_skyline by tiastudio

Thanks to christine450 for the topic.

Keep it sketchy!

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inmaserranito 5 years ago
This is one from Gálata Bridge in Estambul, last April
Estambul, Puente de Gálata by inmaserranito
Feliu Renom Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Feliu Renom (member) 5 years ago
Formentera 034  Naufragi a n'Es Pujols

Vamos a ver como quedan un par de naufragios!
Feliu Renom Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Feliu Renom (member) 5 years ago
Formentera29 001

Cada año encuentro al menos un velero naufragado en las costas norte de Formentera!
johanesj 5 years ago
Viveiro, Galiza, Spain

Ria de Viveiro

a orillas del río, Viveiro
shiembcn 5 years ago
Marina Port Vell (Barcelona)

shiembcn 5 years ago
Maremagnum Port Vell (Barcelona)

Feliu Renom 5 years ago
Formentera 010 Caló de Sant Agustí

Docks in Caló de Sant Augustí on Tramuntana coast. Formentera
Feliu Renom 5 years ago
Formentera 009 Camí Romà

The old Roman Path up to La Mola from Calo de Sant Agusti. From the top of Racó de sa Pujada can see beautiful sunsets over Barbaria Cape. In the background Es Vedra and Ibiza.
Feliu Renom 5 years ago
Formentera33 001

In Formentera, around the lighthouse of the Cape of La Mola, that I have back, there are spectacular cliffs, that makes you want to draw. Once finished, the picture reminds me the landscapes of "The Black Island" of Tintin / Hergé.
In the background, Ibiza
johanesj 5 years ago
la cementera de Garraf, next to Barcelona

cementera, Garraf
Feliu Renom 5 years ago
Pescadors en Es Moll Vell

Fishermen repairing their nets in Es Moll Vell, Palma, Mallorca.
Feliu Renom 5 years ago
Llaüts (the other side of...)

Llaüts at Palma harbour, Mallorca.
Feliu Renom 5 years ago

From the breakwater, Es Portixol and the Hotel and Restaurant that presides over it. Palma, Mallorca.
softfurn Susan 5 years ago
Maritime Museum in Sayvile, NY
Sayville Maritime Museum by softfurn Susan
Chicago skyline viewed across the lake from a Northwestern University Peer. Taking advantage of an approaching storm, wind surfers were launching from the peers on the right.

Chicago Skyline Viewed from Northwestern University by The Artist on the Road
ChiscoValencia 5 years ago
Faro de Cabo Mayor en Santander (Cantabria)- España
Mayor Cape's Lighthouse. Santander-Cantabria. Spain

Faro Cabo Mayor (Santander) by ChiscoValencia
ChiscoValencia 5 years ago
Temporal en la isla de Mouro (Santander-Cantabria-España)
Storm in Mouro's Island (Santander-Cantabria-Spain)

Temporal en la isla de Mouro.01 by ChiscoValencia
ChiscoValencia 5 years ago
Faro de Sta. Catalina. Lekeitio. Euskadi. España
Sta. Catalina lighthouse. Lekeitio. Euskadi. Spain

FaroStaCatalina.Lekeitio.01 by ChiscoValencia
ChiscoValencia 5 years ago
Bajamar en Santoña. Cantabria. España
Low tide. Santoña. Cantabria.Spain

bajamar by ChiscoValencia
Félix Tamayo 5 years ago
Boat in courtown harbour , Ireland
Fernanda Lamelas 5 years ago
Baía Porto Covo by Fernanda Lamelas

Fishermen bay in Porto Covo, Portugal
Marcia Milner-Brage PRO 5 years ago
I'm not sure if a public boat dock on a river counts as a marina, but I did this today to post something new for this week's theme.

Boat Dock on Island Park

Along the Cedar River, Island Park, Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA
Telesforo Z 5 years ago
Bahía de Marbella, al fondo Gibraltar.
Bahía de Marbella desde Nagüeles. by Telesforo Z

Punta de Calaburras, Mijas-Costa (Málaga)
Punta de Calaburras. Mijas Costa. by Telesforo Z

Playa de Trece, Costa da Morte (Galicia)
Playa de Trece. Costa da morte. Camariñas. Galicia. by Telesforo Z

Ratón de Guetaria
Guetaria by Telesforo Z

Islas Cíes, Pontevedra
Islas Cíes, frente a la Ría de Vigo. by Telesforo Z
Dalton de Luca Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Dalton de Luca (member) 5 years ago
O rio Sahy, em São Sebastião SP, Brasil é muito raso, só pequenos botes podem chegar ao mar para passeios nas Ilhas ou para visitar redes de espera e trazer peixes.
iPortinho by Dalton de Luca

The river Sahy in São Sebastião SP, Brazil is very shallow, only small boats can reach the sea for trips to visit the islands or gill nets and bring fish.

Naos Port, Arrecife,Lanzarote,Canary Island
softfurn Susan Posted 5 years ago. Edited by softfurn Susan (member) 5 years ago
Shinnecock Inlet
Shinnecock Inlet by softfurn Susan
Luis_Ruiz PRO 5 years ago
I love this subject!
Port of Málaga, dry dock by Luis_Ruiz

Puerto de Málaga by Luis_Ruiz

Málaga again
Lisbon, waterfront by Luis_Ruiz

Luis_Ruiz PRO 5 years ago
Now, some vessels moored at the docks:
Málaga, rusty fishing vessel by Luis_Ruiz

A rusty russian trawler
A111 Alerta by Luis_Ruiz

A strange warship
The "Nero" moored at Málaga by Luis_Ruiz

It looked like a classic yacht, but turned out to be a modern copy
The Arctic moored at Málaga by Luis_Ruiz

Finally, an ex-icebreaker converted into a luxury yacht!
softfurn Susan 5 years ago
Sayville Boatyard
Sayville Boatyard by softfurn Susan
omGun Posted 5 years ago. Edited by omGun (member) 5 years ago
Wooden vessel (Pinisi) in a canal at the Port of Tj. Emas Semarang, Java.
The lighthouse from 1884 is in the background.

Pinisi and Lighthouse

A Pinisi
Phinisi at Tanjung Mas Port
Ira P. PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Ira P. (member) 5 years ago
Boots- und Yachthafen am Mittellandkanal, Hannover, Stadtteil List

sketchySteven PRO 5 years ago
AWESOME participation this week, everyone! Thanks for all the fine posts and marina sketches. Woo hoo!
tiastudio PRO 5 years ago
Not exactly marina but a jetty with boats!

rolfschroeter 5 years ago
without knowing that weeks theme i have been to rovinji at istrian coast. much better marina drawing place than berlin.

StephanieLowe 5 years ago
Sketch-crawling with a few friends in Marina del Rey, CA last week.
Marina del Rey, CA by StephanieLowe
blinovskate 4 years ago
Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona travelbook 05 by blinovskate

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona travelbook 04 by blinovskate

Sitges, Spain
Barcelona travelbook 17 by blinovskate
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