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A city shrine in Kyoto by tokyoshooter
From tokyoshooter

20171011_8319c by Fantasyfan.
From Fantasyfan.

Heron under a bridge, Tokyo by Alfie | Japanorama
From Alfie | Japanorama

End of August by moaan
From moaan

20171012_8493c by Fantasyfan.
From Fantasyfan.

長崎 Nagasaki by markma723
From markma723

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial, Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall - Genbaku Dome.Exposición Comercial de la Prefectura de Hiroshima (HMI). Cúpula Genbaku,  Parque Conmemorativo de la Paz de Hiroshima. by marielaoreste
From marielaoreste

Matsuyama, 2018. by Moments by lck
From Moments by lck

living in the river by kasa51
From kasa51

little water leak by kasa51
From kasa51

Hokkaido University by sumi!
From sumi!

Tokyo, Mitsui Garden Hotel Gotanda 15th floor by J. Borruel
From J. Borruel

5DII_IMG_1945 by Peioserv
From Peioserv

Yokohama - Minato-Mirai by tokyoshooter
From tokyoshooter

Art Aquarium by Mutchi627
From Mutchi627

Autumn Leaves and Office Buildings by sumi!
From sumi!

discovering the Shibuya river by eclectico63
From eclectico63

Ueno Park, lotus flowers (cityscape with Skytree) by pedrik
From pedrik

L1191525 by sjefrobroek
From sjefrobroek

 by Dennis Hilding
From Dennis Hilding

Keio Tobitakyu Station by takashi_matsumura
From takashi_matsumura

Aoshima, Miyazaki by homesickATLien
From homesickATLien

Tokyo alley / alley of rose by kasa51
From kasa51

Nishi Shinjuku by tokyoshooter
From tokyoshooter

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