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pw-pix ADMIN August 20, 2016
Welcome to the Urban Nature Group. Think of it as a City Nature group, multiple buildings and a natural element. Please read About Urban Nature below, and read the discussion thread Examples of allowed VS denied photos. The photo must show nature in an urban context.
** This is not a group for straight nature photos **
** It is for urban photos, with a natural element **

Group Description

The Urban Nature group is for images of nature in an urban context. It could be a tree on a street corner, a houseplant by a window, or a river through the city.

To help members know what kind of photographs are appropriate for the group, here are a few guidelines:

Nature here means in general plants, flowers, trees, animals, birds, fish, insects. Other interpretations may be acceptable - for example some members have taken it to mean the sky or ocean - but images which take the definition further should be of exceptional quality to be included in the pool.

Both the urban and the nature elements should be visible in a photograph submitted to the pool.The natural aspect can be minimal but it should be there and it should contribute to the overall effect of the image. Photos which do not contain both aspects will be deleted.

Photographs which are of poor technical quality, for example blurry or unfocussed, or excessively under or over-exposed, will be deleted. Photos posted only for shock value, and contentious imagery with no artistic/photographic merit, may also be deleted according to the judgement of admins/moderators.

The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that members think about what they are posting to the pool, and do their best to maximise the quality and interest of the images. It is better to submit a few images which are really interesting and of good quality, rather than a greater number of lesser quality.

Members are welcome to post items for discussion, and to make suggestions for the group blog.

Thanks to all who are helping to create this wonderful collection of images!

Group Rules

The Urban Nature group is for photos showing nature in an urban context.
Submit only photos that show a natural element in an urban (think 'city') situation.

Please have a look at the group pool to see and understand the sorts of photos that are accepted before you submit any images.

Members not following the rules will be removed from the group.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each month.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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