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Neuköln ADMIN December 8, 2011
n.b. this group is for TOTC projects, not for general double exposures. Please use the **Please check in here** thread to introduce yourself!The next TOTC project number is: #108 ALL MEMBERS - PLEASE - ensure you tag your images TOTC

Group Description

Double Exposures

This is the plan. Shoot one roll of film in one city and pass on to someone in another city. Shoot recognisable landmarks, distinctive details or postcard shots. Pick your partners first or ask for one here. Or shoot your film first, and then offer it in one of the 'who's got film? ' threads.

Film only, obviously. We've had some good combinations with people using the same or similar cameras. We've had some equally good ones with completely different cameras, so you won't know though, until we try it. Some people use toy cameras, Lomos, Holgas. Other people use point-and-click cameras or SLRs.

35mm or 120 film, either is okay.

Resulting photos can go in both people's photostreams, with one buying the film, and the other paying for the processing.

No Photoshop Please! Can people do the first upload without any post-processing whatsoever, please. It's okay to go crazy afterwards if you like, but for a first look it's better that we can see how things have worked.

Please tag all shots TOTC and each set in order of when they are uploaded to Flickr and notified to this group. If you want to upload to your Flickr account for your partner to see before you notify us here, that's perfectly okay of course.

Uploads to the Pool
Please upload your two favourite shots from the film, plus any mosaic you want to make of your best examples. That would make a possible 4 (two each) from each TOTC. Please also open a thread in the Group announcing its arrival, when you're ready. Have a look in the Group to see who used the last number, and take the next slot along.

Here are links to the series so far.

TOTC1 - Durham / Linlithgow by photopath and brendadada
TOTC2 - Rivers Forth and Tees brendadada and photopath
TOTC3 - Black and white Tees barrage and the Forth estuary by photopath and Pickersgill Reef
TOTC4 - Bristol Hartlepool in blue and gold knautia and brendadada
TOTC5 - Newcastle street furniture and Durham cathedral teotwawki and brendadada
TOTC6 - Bristol Newcastle Sam Judson and knautia
TOTC7 - Waikiki/Quayside from eyetwist and brendadada
TOTC8 - a first no-show brendadada's shots don't show, knautia's do.
TOTC9 - lovely muted grey brown Bristol and Newcastle's Quayside Thunderchild5 and knautia
TOTC10 - blue bliss knautia and Thunderchild
TOTC11 - the unforgettable aleph-knaut collection black and whites in Glasgow and Bristol
TOTC12 - Linlithgow meets the Tees Pickersgill Reef and photopath
TOTC13 - terracotta streets not great, but a few nice shots from knautia and brendadada
TOTC14 - approx 4 great shots Tanfield Bristol from zombizi brendadada
TOTC15 - Bristol Industrial knautia and teotwawki
TOTC16 - Newcastle/Gateshead/Cambridge/Scotland mafleen and brendadada
TOTC17 - Holgaliciousness maefleur and Jakes_World
TOTC18 - Monkey Goes Wild About Heaven Monkey Magic and teotwawki
TOTC19 - Blue, Blue, Electric Blue knautia and brendadada
TOTC20 - Miró Bingo Little and teotwawki
TOTC21 - Newcastle/Barcelona Knautia and teotwawki
TOTC22 - Hartlepool/Reading Brendadada and Snood
TOTC23 - New Mexico / Newcastle Brendadada and reddirtrose
TOTC24 - New Mexico / County Durham Brendadada and reddirtrose
TOTC25 - Newcastle / Stockholm Snood and sushipumpum
TOTC26 - ???
TOTC27 - ???
TOTC28 - Barcleona / South Shields Knuatia and Thunderchild5
TOTC29 - Visitation Brendadada and reddirtrose
TOTC30 - ???
TOTC31 - Bristol Grafitti Art vs Glasgow Parks Alephnaut and Knautia
TOTC32 - Exile on Main Street (Vancouver / Bristol) Knautia and teotwawki
TOTC33 - Tanfield / Bristol Brendadada and Knautia
TOTC34 - North and South (Bank) Brendadada and Monkey Magic
TOTC35 - Wearside and Paris Brendadada and Monkey Magic
TOTC36 - London Priddy Folk Knautia and Rahid1
TOTC37 - East to Western Bingo Little and teotwawki
TOTC38 - Seattle Neon / Weston Super Mare / Bristol teotwawki and knautia
TOTC39 - Copenhagen Rotterdam joostburger & cellospiller
TOTC40 - Reading and the Greater Bristol area Knautia & Snood
TOTC41 - Better Late than Never Teotwawki and Knautia
TOTC42 - Chicago Reading Snood and Healthy
TOTC43 - Lititz PA/Melbourne Australia s2art and Jakes_World
TOTC44 - Guilford CT/Nantucket Is. MA Paint Monkey and Maefleur
TOTC45 - Brizzle and Brum Amortize and rbrwr
TOTC46 - Causey Arch and London Teotwawki and frunt
TOTC47 - A rush of magic Monkey Magic and Luke Harby
TOTC48 - Nantucket, MA & Guilford, CT Mayfleur and Paint Monkey
TOTC49 - Corning NY, and Kilburn, London Monkey Magic and Val2point1
TOTC50 - Carnival by the sea Monkey Magic and Paint Monkey
TOTC51 - Scotland vs West Midlands Amortize and Harrib
TOTC52 - Brizzle-Brum return leg rbrwr and amortize
TOTC53 - Scotland v Birmingham Flickrmeet Gareth Courage and amortize
TOTC54 - double exposed with teotwawki knautia and teotwawki
TOTC55 - Eugene and Nantucket Island Hodgepodge and Paint Monkey
TOTC56 - Nantucket and Eugene Hodgepodge and Paint Monkey
TOTC57 - North London and Nantucket Island Monkey Magic and Paint Monkey
TOTC58 - North London and Nantucket/NYC Monkey Magic and Paint Monkey
TOTC59 - Birmingham and Glen Avon Matt Murtagh and Amortize
TOTC60 - Delft and London koenvd and sadmafioso
TOTC61 - Moscow VS St. Petersburg yuioot and nehochet
TOTC62 - Lawrence KS and Nantucket MA Paint Monkey and Traci Bunkers
TOTC63 - Birmingham/Newcastle UK + Nantucket MA USA Paint Monkey and Amortize
TOTC64 - Newcastle/Cleveland and Bristol? Sam Judson and knautia
TOTC65 - Porto Alegre & São Paulo Schröedinger's Cat and Guadalupe
TOTC66 - Birmingham and Brighton fritzer and amortize
TOTC67 - Dublin and Birmingham Nialler78 and amortize
TOTC68 - NYLon Paint Monkey and Monkey Magic
TOTC69 - Bristol/Birmingham rbrwr and amortize.
TOTC70 - A Tale of Two Sarahs knautia and Monkey Magic
TOTC71 - San Diego and Newcastle kman627 and teotwawki
TOTC72 - Durham and Bristol Bingo Little and teotwawki
TOTC73 - All work and all play Monkey Magic and the_moog
TOTC74 - Hamburg - Bejing magnificence saviorjosh and Stephan
TOTC75 - Ubatuba & São Paulo - Two aspects of Brazil Schröedinger's Cat and Graziela
TOTC76 - Coast and Capital Schröedinger's Cat and Juliana
TOTC77 - From Nantucket to Newcastle ThunderChild5 and Paintmonkey
TOTC78 - Birmingham:Dublin:Galway Nialler78 and Amortize
TOTC79 - Newcastle:Weston .danimal and brendada
TOTC80 - West Country hits the West End rbrwr and Monkey Magic
TOTC81 - Brazilian colour on the South Bank Schröedinger's Cat and Monkey Magic
TOTC82 - Vancouver / Brisbane b&w Christina T and Bitterandtwisted
TOTC83 - Minnesota, USA to Birmingham, UK Trazy and willgrant
TOTC84 - Glasgow to Flin Flon Christina T and Ohe More Hour
TOTC85 - Bristol, England to New Jersey, USA rbrwr and karatelincoln
TOTC86 - Bristol / Newcastle rbrwr and teotwawki
TOTC87 - Singapore + Houston/LA/Gainesville Graustark and Andy Vortex
TOTC88 - Chelsea, New York City, vs. Chelsea, London thereisnocat and .cassandraaa
TOTC89 - São Paulo and Belo Horizonte Schröedinger's Cat and felmagalhães
TOTC90 - A Tale of Two Sarahs - South Banks of London and Bristol knautia and Monkey Magic
TOTC91 - Houston/LA/Gainesville X Singapore Andy Vortex and Graustark
TOTC92 - Moscow - Achtubinsk tio mate and yuioot
TOTC93 - São Paulo - Edinburgh vivoandando and DaveSinclair
TOTC94 - Düren to Glasgow One More Hour and ..lobi
TOTC95 - Vancouver to Edinburgh One More Hour and Christina T
TOTC96 - Recife - São Paulo vivoandando and Tato
TOTC97 - Montreal, canada vs Huston, US 3_little_birds and Graustark
TOTC98 - Helgoland - São Paulo vivoandando and Der Ohlsen
TOTC99 - a short journey from Adelaide, Australia to Bucharest, Romania soy un harlequin and Roland
TOTC101 - São Paulo & Embu kazi and Gabi
TOTC102 - Philippines to Brazil, Manila to São Paulo Gutem and wanderlasss
TOTC103 - São Paulo and Vila Velha, Brasil kazi and Jasmine Druffer
TOTC104 - 104 Moscow VS Berlin yuioot and Tio Mate
TOTC105 - Tokyo vs Phillipines scrolling up and down and b_gerhardf
TOTC106 - Manila - UK La Fee Verte7 and b_gerhardf

So: WHAT happened to 100??

Group Rules

1. This is not a general double exposures group - projects initiated in and for this group only, please.
2. Film only.
3. No Photoshop please!
4. Please tag all shots TOTC.
5. Please upload your two favourite shots from the film, plus any mosaic you want to make of your best examples.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 4 things to the pool each week.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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