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Hi having taken over admin duties I have uploaded those from the backlog of 1500 odd pictures.

I will operate a stacking system, and review pictures to try and prevent photos with people and non relevant pictures hitting the stream.

I will start booting people who keep persistently uploading non relevant pictures. (seems fair enough!!!)

I will upload each week a new cover page to add some interest.


  • STICKY  Weekly Cover shot update

    Hello, As promised I'll be updating the cover shot weekly and please feel fr...

    DonStevie3 days ago23 replies

  • STICKY  a welcome thread for newbies

    hello being very new too i suggest that urban fragments creates a welcome threa...

    mildred e K3 weeks ago1,018 replies

  • 120 film to sell

    I happen to have a lot of stock of 120 film, without a useful camera to use it!...

    Mariana B. Castro24 hours ago2 replies

  • photo limit

    Two photos per month? Really?? Why?

    Dean Forbes29 hours ago2 replies

  • Want to play a game?

    Although I am a newbie, I would like to propose a new game for our group: Photo ...

    aprilzosia9 days ago4,230 replies

  • Hi, I'm the new admin

    It's now been 12 hours since DonStevie added me as the new admin to the group an...

    cowgirl_dk2 weeks ago2 replies

  • questions

    hello, I'm a bit confused, because lately all the photos I try to post to this...

    j@cqued@nck2 weeks ago2 replies

  • Don't mean to sound polemic at all! But...

    This group is awesome and i hope i will learn from all the GREAT artists that ar...

    barefootguy886 weeks ago4 replies

  • An offline idea

    What do you think? Is my idea any good? Do you think you could join the event? ...

    erix!6 weeks ago3 replies

  • Approval

    Now the photos must be approved by the administrator. That's why I'm leaving the...

    Mondrian-Berlin2 months ago26 replies

  • 2 per month

    Just a heads up: if you limit the upload from one per day to two per month, you ...

    frauwernersen2 months ago9 replies

  • Architectural details on buildings...

    Post a photo showing the part of the building you like the most!

    ~Jana~ (Mikesma Photos)2 months ago242 replies

  • Smile, you're on Flickr Bingo! :-)

    Hi y'all. Just wanted to let you know that we are featuring your group this week...

    mag37373 months ago0 replies

  • Fragments

    I love the theme but, i think the selections are not rigorous enough, loads of p...

    Xeistence3 months ago2 replies

  • Urban Fragments some examples.

    For those whom may be struggling with the theme....... By way of example, I'd...

    DonStevie3 months ago8 replies

  • Question for the group admin

    How is a picture of a defaced and desecrated American flag an "urban fragment"?

    duxinarowphoto3 months ago5 replies

  • Lights and Lamp posts

    a corner, a light in the dark, reaching into the sky above the urban fray. ...

    jacob schere [in the 03 strategically planning]29 months ago489 replies

  • Pattern, texture, rhythm... wow!

    I am feeling some serious love today for the photos that illustrate the patterns...

    Tracy Rowan29 months ago300 replies

  • Abstract/surreal pictures from the urban landscape

    I love picking out a detail from the urban environment. Especially the ones that...

    robin_peeters30 months ago284 replies

  • your favorites "glass photos": stained glass, glass roof...

    British Museum at British Museum

    surdeco32 months ago174 replies

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