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oonaballoona ADMIN October 23, 2008
hey everybody, long time no see! i'm home for a minute, and see that we have hit the big three-oh member wise. stellar! i thought it might be nice to have a list of who's who, as in "your-flickr-name versus your-burdastyle-name". that way you can keep up with what your fellow swappers are doing on burdastyle, and maybe get some ideas about what people are interested in swap-wise. if you pm me your monikers, i'll put an ongoing list up on the discussion board here.

happy sewing,

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Group Description

this happy little group is for handmakers and the sewists of burdastyle who have lovingly made garments that just might look better on someone else...

we're also open to swapping those yards of fabric collecting dust in your stash, vintage patterns, notions, yarn, whatever you fancy that has to do with making.

by the way: this group isn't run by burdastyle, just inspired by their awesomeness. if you have any questions or concerns, the bosses are help to help you.

happy swapping!

Group Rules

welcome to "up for swap", the place for handmakers & burdastyle sewists to swap: garments (finished & unfinished), handmade items, fabric, notions, patterns (but please no burdastyle "paid" patterns), and anything making-related.


"i'm posting an item for swap! what information should i include?"

when posting an item, please include:
1. the name of your item.
2. size, if applicable (be detailed!).
3. fiber content, if applicable.
4. condition of item.
5. your general area of the globe.
6. willingness to ship internationally (i hope you will, it's more fun that way!).
7. any other details that might help a swapper decide... what's the story behind that zebra print micro-mini? why are you swapping the item? what do you like/dislike about it? does it need more work, or is it ready to wear?

"i want that micro-mini susie posted! what do i do?"

if you see something you'd like to have for your very own, please:
1. leave a comment and any additional questions under that specific item.
2. you gotta give to get! let them know what you would like to swap in return, and point them to your offered item or set of items to choose from.

"someone actually wants my micro-mini! what do i do?"

hooray, someone's made you a swap offer!
1. go check out what they're offering.
2. take note of where the offerer is located, and decide if you're willing to ship to that area of the globe.

"eek, it's a boob tube. i look HORRIBLE in boob tubes."

don't want to swap? that's okay, just:
1. in the comments, let the offerer know it's not for you, and...
2. please don't be sad if a swap offer is declined! the purpose is to make room in your closet/stash for things that will look good on YOU, so it's totally okay to politely decline. otherwise we're defeating the purpose, and being very un-green :)

"i'm swapping my micro-mini for a boob tube! what do i do?"

you've accepted an offer, how thrilling! be sure to:
1. mark your item as swapped.
2. follow through! you are responsible for shipping the item you are swapping, this way each swapper pays for shipping.
3. type of shipping is decided by the shipper.
4. let your partner know when they can expect their item.
5. take your picture down when the swap is COMPLETE- when the person you swapped with has received it. Its also a good idea to write 'swapped' somewhere on the photo so that other members know not to contact you asking to swap for it.
6. if you don't follow through, you shall be declared a "meanie".

"i've been declared a meanie! what does that mean?"

well, my friend, that means you welched on a swap, and that means you have to go away.

other guidelines:

1. do NOT swap paid-for patterns from burdastyle... as they are our inspiration, that would get you meanie status in a hurry.
1. you must have items up for swap in order to make an offer.
2. make your pictures as clear and pretty as possible to increase your swapping chances.
3. if your item is up at burdastyle, you might want to link it. you could even add "up for swap" in your burdastyle creation notes, and link to this group.
4. this group is by invitation only, and all swaps are at your own risk. if you're a productive member of burdastyle, it's an easy in. if you're a sewist who hasn't joined burdastyle, what are you waiting for?! we'll definitely consider you, but we're playing favorites to burdastylers to insure that this is a handmade, productive and happy group, like the site it is inspired by.

*this site is not run or created by burdastyle, just a brainchild of one of its members. please direct any questions/concerns to me (oonaballoona).

okay, ready? happy swapping!

Additional Info

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  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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