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Rippie: Contra Censura! ADMIN November 15, 2014
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Information & Discussion Only with our First-on-Flickr AFM Navigation Tiles for new members. Start with them to short-cut to common fixes.

Our primary mission is to help members to safely maintain their streams on Flickr without deletion or offending others, and to earn and keep a Review Rating of "Public/Safe" by Flickr Staff. Most deletions are the poster's fault (that would be you), and YOU CAN FIX THAT!

The reality behind this group:
One of the best fortune cookies I've gotten in a long time!

Share your experiences, tips and ideas about how to post safely and stay out of trouble. Remember, we are about getting the most out of the rules, not about getting around them.

We also act as an overflow for the Help Forum, often providing far less stressful and more detailed and direct answers to questions about use, system failures and bug-like behavior on the site, as well as "How does this work?" when the subject/topic is a bit touchy and you don't want the glare of Help Forum with its often snarly "go away" attitude. We don't do that, but we are not the first go-to, either.

IF you have problems getting a straight answer in HF that you think one of our gurus, pubas or brainiacs here (that would be many members) can answer in a less stressful way, then come ask. Odds are good we'll have already seen you getting the runaround in HF and will be waiting to hear from you here, since we do not chase people down in HF.

>>>You must join the Group to read and interact here, because we don't want anyone to feel they cannot unread something without having had the option first, so...

Warning: language may be frank or explicit since some problems involve adult/erotic posting.

We do NOT allow photo posting in this group. Period. Thank you.

A place to start: Flickr Guidelines and Flickr Safety Filters

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Stewart Butterfield [Flickr co-founder] says:
...notwithstanding CC licensing, you can't upload other people photos...
posted spring 05

George [Flickr Staff] says:
-- Q -- Is it correct that people may now upload really explicit self-made porn and the like as long as they flag it "restricted"? So the "restricted" flag is like a replacement of the "I'll upload my porn as "for friends", add me to your contacts to see it" tactic?
-- A -- I'm not sure I'd phrase it quite like that, but yes. If people want to publish content that's not suitable for children (or would be generally offensive to most people) they may. Then, it becomes member choice to elect to see that sort of content, using SafeSearch (or not using it, in this case). Note that this doesn't mean illegal or prohibited content is OK - it's definitely not.

posted march 07

George [Flickr Staff] says:
Yes, you can have content that is both restricted and public.
posted march 07

Myles! [Flickr Staff] says:
Flagging all your photos appropriately, whether they're private or not, is important because... If you put those photos in a group, privacy levels are overridden for group members, and we need to filter appropriately.
posted march 07

Terrence [Flickr Staff, chief accounts reviewer] says:
Since you missed moderating your images marked as "private", I have reset all your images to "restricted" and classified your account as "public"/"safe".

Please keep the Flickr guidelines in mind when moderating your images in the future.

in a reply to a group member, april 08

THIS is absolute PROOF that ALL content, public AND PRIVATE, MUST BE MODERATED. NOTHING is EXEMPT FROM THE SSVC Safety Flagging requirements!

Joe [Flickr Staff] says:
In joining Flickr, you agreed to abide by the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Flickr accounts are intended for individual use, for our members to share original content that they've created, not to sell stuff:

"Don't Use Flickr for Commercial Purposes Flickr is for personal use only. If you sell products, services or yourself through your photostream, we will terminate your account. Any other commercial use of Flickr, Flickr technologies (including APIs, Flickrmail, etc), or Flickr accounts must be approved by Flickr."

Please remove the URLs that link to your store/auction(s) from underneath your photos/video and/or any sales verbiage or "for sale" sets at your earliest convenience so that we don't have to take further action on your account.

message to a flickr member july 08

This indicates that URLs are not permitted in your stream, and the user who received this warning was also told to remove the URL watermarks embedded in his pics, since they still constitute "selling." So, while he can watermark his own pics with, say, ©whatido industries, he can NOT use © as his watermark. All Flickr members are allowed ONE URL in their PROFILE page only, which can be to their business.

Heather [Mgr, Community Standards, Senior Flickr Staff] says:
Filters were never created to imply the idea of artistic merit (or lack thereof), "porniness", offensive, obscene-ness, etc. They're there to ensure that our members can share the greatest possible variety of photos in a way that respects the greater community in as many regions around the world where cultural and legal differences may occur.

For the purpose of this discussion, what's most relevant is that female boobs and both female and male bottoms need to be flagged as "moderated". Any photo that features *frontal nudity* of both men and women needs to be flagged as "restricted".

in Help Forum, sep 09

A response to a user following a report for specific disallowed images by staff:
Hello [Flickr User],
Images of sexualized urination are a violation of the Flickr Community Guidelines and Yahoo! Terms of Service.

Please delete all content in violation immediately or your Flickr account is at risk of being terminated.

Note: Since these images are not allowed on Flickr marking them as private is not enough, they need to be deleted.

-Flickr staff

reply to a user, Fall 2010

This is proof that staff DO use "sexualization" (our term originally) of an image to render decisions about them. This can take a simple bodily function, as above, and convert it to forbidden content, as it can take an image and push up the required Safety Setting. This also shows directly that simply "hiding" disallowed content as private is not good enough, and based on the experiences of some here, staff do cruise back to see whether a user has complied or not.

A response to an inquiry about Inline Posting rules (comments/discussions):
Hello [Flickr User],
In-lining non-safe content into groups discussions is not allowed. If we get a complaint, the member will receive a warning to remove all non-safe in-lined content from group discussions immediately. A second violation will lead to deactivation of the members Flickr account.

-Flickr staff

reply to a user, Feb 2011

NON-Safe Inline posting in someone's pictures in a comment or in a discussion topic in a group, including in YOUR OWN PICS, is simply still not allowed. The enforcement protocol is Two-Strikes-Yer-Out as with Avatars. With avatars, your account is set Unsafe and the avatar deleted, and some have received warnings. In this case, the posts in question are YOUR responsibility to remove... BEFORE a second complaint comes in. Some old-timers here may remember the case of a well-liked user who got caught in this, but had so many such posts all over the site, was unable to deleted them all, even in the exceptional month staff gave to do so in this ONE case, because of how well loved this user was, presumably. Remember, you cannot post non-safe images anywhere OTHER than in your stream on its own page or in a group pool. that is ALL.

The Manager of Community Services for Flickr has reiterated and confirmed, at the end of 2013, precisely the same rules as have always been in effect about Safety Flags and the supposed perceived bias some have to favor "artistic" nudity v. "pornistic" nudity. Staff will have none of it, restating that they are NOT in the "censorship" business. That was a KEY aspect of the entire discussion 7-1/2 years ago in hashing out some of the fundamentals of the SSVC (SafeSearch Viewers Choice) Flag/Filter content system here on Flickr so we all have the freedom to post content that cannot be posted on ANY other major photoshare website, AND the ability to exercise your choice to not view it, or not, without negatively affecting any content posters in any way. That is the exact OPPOSITE of "censorship."

This is a post by Xerxes2000 (lead CS Rep) to close a Help Forum discussion that was pushed off the rails by the usual suspect because he loves attention. It states once again and unequivocally what the policy is for flagging photos, as has been in force for many many years.

Xerxes2000 (Mgr, Community Standards, Senior Flickr attached Y! staff):
"Just to recap, what we said in the past is still accurate:

Nudity is allowed on Flickr as long as it is flagged appropriately. When the content is flagged appropriately you can set your safe search settings so you won't see that content if you don't want to. If something is not flagged appropriately you can let us know using "Flag this photo". [or, more effectively, by using the "I see a picture in public areas..." option in the Abuse Report pulldown menu - rip]

Whether or not these nudes are porn or art is a distinction that we aren't in a place to make about a photo. As you note, Flickr is a global community. There are people here from different cultures where different things would be seen as acceptable. Instead of trying to make that distinction and censor what people can post, we ask that people mark content with nudity appropriately so members can make a choice of what they want to see (logged out users won't see moderate or restricted content).

However, [...] not anything [read this as "everything" - rip] is allowed. If you see something that is against the Flickr Community Guidelines or Yahoo! Terms of Service let us know using Report Abuse. We will take a look at the account as a whole against the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, and take the appropriate action."

in Help Forum, Dec 2013 [italics for emphasis added by rip]

Yes, picture posting is disabled. It's not you. :)

Group Rules

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Keep language simple and sufficient to the purpose at hand. We aren't here to try to gross each other out.

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Be nice. Here and in life.

Thanks! Now let's get your account Safe and keep it that way!

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