CarProductsTested 1:38am, 24 February 2015
Hi all.

Thanks for continuing to add your superb photographs to the Unique & Exotic Cars group.

A reminder, as I noticed a few are breaking the rules:

This is a group dedicated to photos of unique and exotic cars.

This doesn't mean a 'unique' normal car with a body kit. This means cars that are rare, are very limited in production or have a unique history.

This is a site for cars ONLY. No Hot Rods, pick-ups, 4x4's, utility vehicles, or motorbikes.

No race cars unless they are rare.

Please don't add 3 or 4 pictures of the same car where the angles are similar.

Photographs should be high quality and show the beauty of the car.
Maximum upload of 5 photos per day.

No CGI, animation or art work.

No photographs containing models (human) will be accepted.
Please refrain from swearing in your comments, as this can lead to you being banned, removed or blocked from this group.

If you did not take the photograph, then please do not post it. We take copyright VERY seriously, so please have respect for the original photographer and refrain from using their images. Should we find any posted that you clearly have not take yourself, you will be banned from the group and reported to Flickr.

Enjoy the images, and the beauty of cars.

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