TomBrooklyn 2:06pm, 6 January 2012
Exotic Car Phtographers Are Particularly Unethical

As the administrator of most of the major score groups on flickr, I am privy to one of flickrs, and the photography world's in general dirty little secrets. That is, about half the photographers that join and submit to flickr score groups are unethical and lack the integrity and responsibility to meet their scoring obligation. I remove thousands of their photographs and ban thousands of them every year.

One of the things I've noticed is that exotic auto photographers are particularly prone to submitting and not rating.

This is just an observation.

Any opinions on why that might be could be interesting.

My hypothesis is that people who are interested in high value material things like exotic autos are likely to be more selfish and self centered than the average person; and therefore less considerate and thoughtful of others.
TomBrooklyn 7 years ago

Score and Comment group

Another non-scoring exotic car photographer.

I can almost count on you guys not to score so reliably that I can almost ban you before I even check.
1st subm

Seen next to a fellow photo of the group "Score And Comment [SC 4 - Post 1]".
Chappells10 6 years ago
I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

What does any of your comment mean?

Most confused.
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