CarProductsTested 4:18pm, 20 March 2009
Currently got a 1998 Lexus LS 400 for my runabout.

Possibly the best value car for the money on the used car market. Still well-spec'd and luxurious, even by today's standards.

ShaunPG 9 years ago
Mini Clubman unique and exotic in its own way.
CarProductsTested 9 years ago
Cool. I used to own a 1978 1275GT :-)
Latvian98 PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Latvian98 (member) 9 years ago
MC in drive

My Monte and Vette in the driveway

Just got it!
Custom_Cab PRO 9 years ago
I drive a '63 Ford Galaxie 500 as a daily driver.
1963 Ford Galaxie 500 4-Door Hardtop by Custom_Cab
cruetoone 9 years ago
a boring old holden vn i used to drive a eureka a classic car to stand out from the rest.... see my photostream to see what i mean !!!
CarProductsTested 9 years ago
Nice cars guys! :-)
Porschista PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Porschista (member) 9 years ago
1- Opel Agila

2 - Porsche 944 (951) turbo cup
Porsche 944 Turbo Cup Silverrose

3- Porsche 996 Carrera 4 cabrio tiptronic
Porsche 996 Carrera 4 Cabrio
enchanted account [deleted] 9 years ago
This is what I drive a -99 Honda CRV

Honda CR-V
CarProductsTested 9 years ago
Nice to see it where it belongs too ;-)
unknown rake [deleted] 9 years ago
Audi RS4 not taken many pics actually

Richard Wintle PRO 8 years ago
2000 Mazda Protege. Dented, rusty, mighty 1.6-litre DOHC 4-banger that made 105 bhp when new. Probably just a tad less powerful these days ;)

2000 Mazda Protege SE, in better times
Eadey 8 years ago
HSV VE Clubsport Top Gear 3.0

2006 HSV VE Clubsport. Im going to supercharge it after stroking it out to about 410ci and putting a lumpy cam on it.
TheOnlyButterflyLady 7 years ago
wish i had a nice unique or exotic car............i drive a crappy 92 Honda Accord in desperate need of work that i can't afford.
Scumbag*College PRO 5 years ago

It ain't special, but it's the best car I've ever owned...
It ain't the best car I've ever driven tho'. I think that would be a toss up betwixt a Ferrari California and a Nissan R34 Skyline.
wbaiv PRO 8 months ago
My daily driver:

Most unique and exotic of mine, so far: 1993 VW Corrado, 2.8L VR6:
Bought new, traded for a station wagon after 213K miles, 10 years.
Went solo racing once, I could match the 5.0 Mustang in line ahead of me. But my 10/10s only used 8/10s of what it had. Made me smile every time I drove it.
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