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morganisamermaid 3:54pm, 1 May 2007
posted to discussion thread here by Flickr member gr_arg:

"Sweet. Now we have a conundrum. The Megan's Law profile that you posted was a Robert RUSSELL Steffen, however, the Robert Steffen that worked at NASA--and more recently had to pay a citation at Santa Cruz courthouse--is named Robert FREDERICK Steffen. If this turns into some kind of gossip chain and has some overly aggressive person poke Umbrella Man's eyes out because of some miscommunication... well... that would be awkward if later said person discovered that all of that passionate anger was built off of a lie.

"Let's get our facts straight first.

"Robert RUSSELL Steffen has a tattoo on his neck. This problem can be easily solved, as Umbrella Man shows off his neck, and I've yet to see a tattoo.

"Granted, he could have had it removed on a break from walking downtown and dressing up in pink, while legally changing his middle name from "Frederick" to "Russell". Or, granted, we could be a suffocating-in-a-fear-based-paranoia nation. It's a toss up."

I would only add that, even if Umbrella Man *is* the one-strike-against Rober RUSSELL Steffen, he's doing his utmost, if not to atone, to make himself as visible (and risible) as possible, thereby pre-empting suspicion of any further crimes, except perhaps those related to fashion. 14 years ago
Also...Robert Frederick Steffen (our Umbrella Guy) has beautiful blue eyes (definitely not the tinted-contact-lens kind) and the Megan's Law/Robert Russell Steffen guy has brown eyes.

I also would hate to see anything in the way of harm come to a person I know personally as the kindest, most gentle-hearted soul in the world.
And posting untrue information about him based on not looking at the facts (description, middle name, identifying marks) on the Megan's Law site is irresponsible. And it would not only be awkward if Robert got hurt, it could be actionable legally on his part against the person who disseminated the information about him in the first place, and possibly Flickr as well for allowing such infomation to remain posted about him. So it does pay to be careful about stuff like this.
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