63842 PRO 12:25pm, 5 March 2015
A gentle reminder appears to be needed that one of the rules of the group is that all shots are geo-tagged. This helps all of us looking at pictures and thinking "I'd like to do that" to find the location, and was the primary objective of the group in the first place.

So please if you could...

63842 PRO 3 years ago
It would have been helpful if I'd done a bit more research before opening my big mouth - or should it be keyboard!

The problem may be mine in that some pictures show nothing for the geo-tag location when I look at them, but nonetheless are referenced on the big map of all the Group's shots. So there is some breakdown on my computer in the link from the individual picture. I'm on Vista with IE9 - the latest variant for Vista - so this may be the problem.
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