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  • Revival

    Anyone interested in a revival attempt on the group?

    Mad Hatter Amphios102 months ago2 replies

  • Ubermann Wargame

    So I'm working on making a wargame to use Ubermenn in. Since this group has kind...

    Doodstormer119 months ago0 replies

  • Is this place dead?

    I feel as though this place is dead. Not as many creations are made anymore. Sho...

    Garbageman13ages ago20 replies

  • Ubermann Universe

    How would Ubermann fights/matches be organised? I am hoping to write an Ubermann...

    Ninjaxenomorphages ago13 replies

  • Ubermann Events

    Are there different types of ubermann fights? Like beyond a 1v1 deathmatch, are ...

    Mr. Mildewages ago3 replies

  • question about brickwars

    What do you think the stats would be for brickwars, if its possible.

    KBRicksages ago6 replies

  • Constructive Critisism

    I realize that some members of the group don't nessiccarily like the way that I ...

    Tekka Croeages ago6 replies

  • Wrench?

    I was thinking instead of only using the wrench why not allow other Minifig uten...

    -Jester-ages ago7 replies

  • Ubermann Hardsuit Arena

    So, what do any of you think an Ubermann Arena would look like? What kinds of ob...

    Kevin Feddeages ago28 replies

  • Ubertech.

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I am building some tech, they're not har...

    confused thunderages ago9 replies

  • WAR!!!!!!!!!!

    Hehe, sorry for the insanely annoying topic heading... What if we had things ...

    Garbageman13ages ago24 replies

  • Jumpjets

    Is it alright if we mount jumpjets on the legs?

    ZAND3Rages ago9 replies

  • Thank you for the invite and I have a question!

    Thank you for the invite Tekka Croe! I have one question though. Is there any pa...

    Garbageman13ages ago2 replies

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