EljayLJ 8:38pm, 9 February 2017
The "programming is like writing a book" meme has a font I am trying to locate. Doesn't help that the image is photo of a projected slideshow, and is a little blurry.


I've found a few similar fonts (Hypatia Sans, Source Sans Pro, Avenir, Lato, Rubik, Oxygen, Nunito), but I don't think they are matches. Or maybe one is, and I looked at the wrong weighting.

The lowercase 'i' has a rounded dot. The dot is higher than the top of the lowercase 't' next to it.
The lowercase 'a' loop looks like it is horizontally attached to the stem.
The number '6' has an straight, angled upper stem.
The lowercase 't' has a slightly hooked tail.
The lowercase 'k' is solidly connected to the stem.
The round parts of 'o', '6', 'p', 'g', 'd', are circles.
GiddeeUp 2 years ago
Too many possibilities to be sure, but Avenir is what I would say without a cleaner sample.
EljayLJ 2 years ago
Avenir is definitely a good contender.

The 't', 'y', and 'k' in Avenir look different than those letters in the sample, I think.

But as you said, and I concur... a cleaner sample would be good. Alas.
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