Creative Illustrations Studio 11:27pm, 5 September 2016
Hi all!

I will like to know if you guys knows what font is the attached one, I need it to finish a work. I mean the font up and down the main logo.

GiddeeUp 2 years ago
Monotype Corsiva.
Hey! thanks! but I need the other font, not the logo font. Thanks!
jedidesignerd 2 years ago
That is so not Monotype Corsiva.
Stewf PRO Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Stewf (admin) 2 years ago
Creative Illustrations Studio: The other lettering is so distorted due to the embroidering technique it's very difficult to determine whether it’s based on a font or not.

jedidesignerd: While the VM Clothiers logo may be lettering (not type), it is so close to Corsiva, that I agree with GiddeeUp about it being a probable source.
evergiron 2 years ago
I would like to identify the font used in this logo. Any help is appreciated.
Stewf PRO 2 years ago

This is Tabasco, a phototype font from the 1970s. The most extensive digital version is probably FontSite’s.
GiddeeUp 2 years ago
aka: Tabatha / Nina Becker / Mingle / Revue SF
evergiron 2 years ago

Thanks a lot Stewf!!
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