plain time [deleted] 4:55pm, 21 January 2016
IMG_5180 by plain time

notice the special position of the dots at character Ä
Stewf PRO Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Stewf (admin) 3 years ago
Hi there. This is most likely Fundamental, by Arno Drescher for Ludwig Wagner in the late 1930s. The giveaway is actually the ‘S’, with its vertical top terminal and angled bottom. You can see a sample about halfway through this article about Bauer Grotesk, a somewhat related design.

As far as I know, there are no digital versions of Fundamental, but there are several of the similar Super Grotesk, also designed by Drescher, but earlier at Schriftguß AG of Dresden. Of these revivals, FF Super Grotesk has the cap-height umlauts.
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