bolshoia 9:56am, 16 October 2015
Hi, my hobby is restoring old twin-lens reflex cameras. In one of them (Rolleiflex T) i found this detail torn apart. It is a tape with F-stops values marked on it. I'm about to print new ribbon, but i cant find the font they used. Probably someone here can help me.
Rolleiflex T being produced during 60-70's, it had pretty modern look at the time, so i believe that font is appropriate to this period.
Diaphragm_tap by bolshoia
GiddeeUp 3 years ago
Probably not a "font" as we know them today, but you could use Gravostyle Basic, or Normalise Din MN.
bolshoia 3 years ago
Thank you, Normalise Din MN fits perfect.
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