maverynthia 3:58am, 30 April 2015
I'm having trouble with this font. I've tried all the online IDers and while some parts match their suggestions other parts wouldn't. Like the slanted 'e' would match but the 'y's curl would be off. Or those two would match and the 'g' would be wrong. Then there's the little drop on the 'c' that won't be there.

84041font by maverynthia

GiddeeUp 3 years ago
Yikes, can you provide a better, cleaner, larger sample?
maverynthia 3 years ago
I can get samples with more letters, but that's as big as they get. It's a screencap from a handheld gaming system.
(You can click on the tumbnail there to make it bigger.)

84044 by maverynthia

84042 by maverynthia

84043 by maverynthia

That's one of the main problems I'm having with it is that it looks low quality when compared to the original font that had a nice sharp black outline.
GiddeeUp 3 years ago
Why not contact the game maker?
maverynthia 3 years ago

They have more or less been silent. They really don't like having good fonts in their games either.
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