fearthecat 9:45pm, 11 January 2014
Happy January everyone, I hope it's not too rue of me to ask for your help right away... There's a typeface I've been trying to find for a long time.

I didn't feel right posting other people's pictures in the pool or posting a collage there, so I hope you don't mind links...

This font is used on many Ford vehicles and some other marques. I've seen examples from the 1960's, right through to the present (with little tweaks here and there)

The typeface is very similar to Microgramma / Eurostyle but the A's are different in most examples that I've seen, and there are other small variations

"GL" text (with the "CAPRI" text being a squashed version")

"GRANADA" text

"CORTINA" and "ESCORT" text (with the "CAPRI" text being a similar, squashed version again)

"SUPRA" text

"MOPAR" text

Are these all examples of variations of Microgramma or is there a similar type face that has these differences in naturally?
GiddeeUp 5 years ago
Some of those might be fonts, but automobile companies usually custom design their own badges.
Stewf PRO 5 years ago
Yep, Giddee’s right. I don’t think you’ll find a publicly available font that matches. ITC Bolt is vaguely similar.
fearthecat 5 years ago
Thank you for the replies so far. I strongly believe this to be a complete typeface, as I have seen examples of almost all the letters. However I do have doubts about its availability. I hoped that if I could at least identify it then finding a useable form of it would be that bit easier.

I've seen it used on Fords in America, Europe and Austrailia, and across different decades. I've seen it used on some English marques. The Toyota Supra example was a new one to me until the day I posted.
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