Dapper Dan fonts

ShckByte 9:56pm, 19 September 2013
Here's a tough one. I already outlined "Dapper Dan" on the pomade can, but would like to know, without having to recreate all of the fonts into vectors, what the other fonts could be. It's from the movie, "Oh Brother Where Art Though". Thanks!
GiddeeUp Posted 5 years ago. Edited by GiddeeUp (admin) 5 years ago
MEN'S POMADE seems to be Palatino Bold

25 seems to be Century Oldstyle
Stewf PRO 5 years ago
"CONTAINS…" is Palatino. This can is definitely not period correct. ;)
GiddeeUp 5 years ago
Not sure what FOR MEN ONLY is, but you could use Ocean Sans Std Book as a good substitute.
ShckByte 5 years ago
I'll try those, thanks!
GiddeeUp 5 years ago
Dapper Dan is Script MT
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