brittanypelegrino 3:06pm, 1 August 2013
Looking to identify the font that is used in the logo on this website:

The logo, the word newsletter and the word shop are all using the font that I am trying to find. I love the way the s is written in the script. Any help would be much appreciated!!!
GiddeeUp 5 years ago
It's possible that it's a font, but none of the repeated letters match each other, suggesting hand-drawn.
brittanypelegrino 5 years ago
Thanks for responding GiddeeUp. I was able to contact the designer and she said that this was hand-drawn. Thanks!
Stewf PRO 5 years ago
Yep, calligraphy is the best way to go if you want this look, but if you need a font check out Emily Lime’s stuff.
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