André Ferreira Correia 9:53pm, 11 June 2013
Hello, i need some help about this font. I have a project with some friends of college. A agency of design made us a logo, but doesn't tell what font is. Now, they don't have the file, and we need to know which font is. My friend think that's a mix of differents fonts. Somebody knows about?

GiddeeUp 5 years ago
Yes, it could have been assembled using various fonts.

The A and E could be derived from "Brisk" (aka: "Bisque").

The D could be from Yonna or Blake.

The R could have been inspired by Organda.

*The spacing (kerning) between the A and the N, and especially the N and the D is too tight compared to the rest.

The agency should have kept all files.

Thanks for help.
I will ask again for designer if he remember which fonts were used.
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